Keep customers July 15, 2019
Reducing Revenue Churn

When thinking about churn, a lot of us think about how many customers we lose, or customer churn. But there is also another important factor to consider: how much money we are losing, or revenue churn. Revenue churn is the amount of money your company is losing due to customers leaving, downgrading their subscription plans, […]

Attract customers July 7, 2019
How to Fish Leads in the Big Blue Ocean

What is a lead? Do you need a lead? Where does one identify a lead? Does a lead lead? Most importantly, is it edible? Let me unlock the magic of the leads upon you… Or let’s just make me be a normal person for five minutes and I’ll try to communicate to you, to the […]

Keep customers July 3, 2019
Reducing Churn: Thinking Outside the Box

There are quite a few traditional customer retention strategies. Such as creating a customer loyalty program or running re-engagement campaigns. But we thought we would explore some ideas that are a little more out-there with this article. Innovation can help you to stay ahead of competitors and you may stumble on something that really works […]

Attract customers June 26, 2019
The Basics of Fishing: How to Catch a Lead

Hey there little fisherman. How’s it going? You got yourself a fresh new bait? Revamped the marketing strategy, trained your team, zeroed in on your target lead subgroup. Are they biting it? Some of you are fishing modestly, using just one rod and are doing fine. You are operating a local business and that just […]

Keep customers June 26, 2019
Adopt, Don’t Shop; The Easy Way of Keeping Customers

Hey there! We might know each other if you are not a first time visitor to our blog! If you are a first time reader, let me introduce myself. I’m Ljubica. Xeno writer by night, animal rescuer by day. My daytime activities have taught me a valuable business lesson I need to share with you. […]

Live response June 23, 2019
Back to the Old School: Traditional Values, Modern Twist

  Buying online is simple. 3 clicks and you can be done. There is no need to even speak to a human. This can be great for you and your customers, but automating all of your processes and neglecting the human element could lead to a hole in your customer service strategy. Using some of […]

Keep customers June 20, 2019
Reduce Repetition: Making Life Easy for Your Customers

Reducing effort for your customers can increase customer satisfaction and stop them from straying to competitors. One way to make things super easy for them is by keeping the times they have to repeat themselves to a minimum when they come to you with a problem. With an ever-increasing array of communication channels available, it […]

Keep customers June 17, 2019
“Thank You, Come Again”, the Apu Way of Keeping Customers

Flipping leads into customers is definitely some kind of marketing art form, but so is keeping old customers coming back for more. Retaining inactive customers and engaging them in new transactions can get easier if you follow our lead and take some of the advice we give to heart.   How You Get Them is […]

Attract customers June 11, 2019
Engagement: A Two-Way Street

Engagement is important for many areas of your business. It can show that people are interested in what you have to say, and it also gives you feedback on what is working and what isn’t. Engagement on social channels can help to increase your visibility and generate a buzz around your business. Meanwhile in email […]

Convert customers June 5, 2019
Speak Their Language! Connect Better with Your Potential Customers

Going the extra mile is the name of the game when it comes to converting leads into taking action and becoming your customers. One of the best ways to do it is using communication. If you are trying to conquer new markets abroad, the way your company can go the extra mile with customer communication […]

Keep customers June 3, 2019
Grow Your Tribe, Keep Customers on Side

It’s in our nature to want to feel part of something. Football supporters wear their team’s colors, fans wear their favorite bands t-shirts. It is no different when it comes to your business. Building a community of customers, making them feel special and getting them excited about your brand, can be a great way to […]

Keep customers May 27, 2019
How Can You Get a Missandei of Naath For Your Business?

Dear reader. If by any chance you managed to survive to this day without the Internet spoiling the last season of Game of Thrones… You stepped into the wrong place. Let me redirect your curious eyes to a safe space on our blog. Ok, so let’s do this. SPOILER ALERT! No, she is not dead! […]

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