January 21st, 2021

Xeno, The Cherry on the Top of Your Marketing Muffin




Have you considered investing in live support software for your website?


Do you wonder what all the fuss is about?




You’ve all heard the phrase I’m sure. You bake a yummy cake, which is a good cake regardless, but what could make it that tad little better? Well, a nice, red, cherry, of course!


The same can be true for your marketing efforts. Lots of the popular marketing strategies out there work, but Xeno App could help to make them that little bit more effective. Live support software could help work alongside social media, email and content marketing, helping to take more people from interest to purchase and turning leads and leads into customers, alongside upping your customer service game in general.



Let’s take a look at how:

Content Marketing 

Content marketing can be effective at multiple stages of your funnel, building brand awareness, trust, generating leads and converting customers. Quality content that adds value can be a valuable asset to your business. Placing a live chatbox on your blog page could help you to magnify the benefits further. Whilst reading one of your blog posts, a reader may wish to learn more about your product. They may have already browsed your website and have a question about a specific package or feature. With the chatbox right there, they can instantly connect to an advisor for a 1-to-1 conversation about their needs. 


Email Marketing 


There are various ways Xeno App could help to support your email marketing. Customers that would like to know more after reading marketing emails can connect to one of your webpages with a chatbox to talk to someone right away. You can continue interrupted chat conversations by email with our conversation continuity feature and you can build your subscriber list by telling people about it whilst in conversation. 


We also have our recent integration with Marketo, which can help you to optimize your email campaigns and offer a high level of experience across your channels.


Social Media Marketing

An omnichannel experience can help to keep your customer service level at a high standard. With so many methods of communication and platforms available, it can keep things simple for the customer if they can have a unified experience no matter how they get in touch.


Xeno lets you send and receive messages from many of the major social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, helping you to keep things consistent and support and complement any marketing efforts on these channels.


Wrapping it Up


Hopefully you can see that Xeno could be the perfect embellishment to your marketing strategy. Aside from the features mentioned above it has many others that help to support your business at all levels, including a range of analytics and post chat surveys to help maximize your efforts, a collaborative team inbox and self-powered CRM to keep things easy for your staff and a professional finish chatbox to make work alongside your website. 

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