Xeno news March 14, 2019
Around the world, around the world…

  Hello! Bonjour! ¡Hola! Hallo! 😀 You ask, we deliver! Xeno’s chatbox is now available in over 50 languages! Your leads and customers can finally see your chatbox in their own languages, depending on their browser settings, giving you the opportunity to go above and beyond to satisfy them!   How to activate your chatbox languages: […]

Xeno news March 7, 2019
Teams and sub-teams: how to make your life easier

Here at Xeno, we’re always trying to make your experience better and your life easier! That’s why we have updated our Teams feature. You can now create sub-teams!   Ok, but what are sub-teams? If you have a team named Subscription team, for example, you could create two sub-teams: Subscription request sub-team and Subscription problem […]

Xeno news February 28, 2019
Booking your meetings in a few clicks

Have you always wanted to avoid those back-and-forth emails when setting up meetings with your customers? Thanks to Xeno’s Meetings feature, your customers can now schedule meetings with your team in a few clicks, straight from your chatbox. Your team can also synchronize Google Calendar with Xeno. Meetings will be added automatically without interfering with […]

Xeno news February 14, 2019
Give your contacts the 411 with our News Feed feature!

Looking for a quick and easy way to keep your contacts posted about your product updates? You can now write short scoops in Xeno and display them directly into your chatbox. That’s what a News Feed is: a record of all notable changes made to a service or product. Your visitors can access your News Feed […]

Xeno news February 5, 2019
Welcome home! Introducing the Xeno Chatbox Home Screen

There’s no better feeling than feeling welcome, whether it’s somewhere you barely know or your own home. 😍 Because we believe your chatbox should be much more than just a messaging tool, we have gathered everything related to your customer communication in a single place that we have dubbed “Chatbox Home Screen”. This is displayed […]

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