May 10th, 2021

What is White Label and how does it work?

What is White Label?

White Label is a term that is being thrown around more and more these days. But many people are still in the dark as to what exactly white label is and how it works. More importantly, they don’t know how it could benefit their business.

White label is when one company sells another company’s products but puts their own label and branding on it. While this might sound somewhat strange, it’s completely above board as long as both parties are on board.

In fact, there are several businesses that specialize solely in manufacturing products that other businesses sell as their own. White label could be just what you need to take your business to the next level.


How Does White Label Work?

White label is also known as private label. It occurs when one company manufactures a product or a service only to sell it to another company who puts their own logo, label, and branding on it. The second company then takes the white label product they bought and sells it as their own product for a higher price than what they paid for it. They have complete control over the price setting.

Most of the time, the original manufacturers design and produce these products with white labeling in mind. White labeling isn’t always used with just physical products, either. White labeling also works with digital products like software or even digital services.

White labels are most commonly seen when large retailers like Walmart sell their store brand products. Walmart did not make all of those Great Value groceries themselves. They bought the groceries from another manufacturing company who specializes in making grocery goods and then put their own Great Value labels on it to sell it to shoppers.

White label branding can be very beneficial to companies because it saves them time and money. It even gives them access to products they might not otherwise be able to sell because they lack the staff, time, money, or know-how to produce on their own.


Where Does Xeno Come In?

Xeno offers white label solutions! We focus on developing the product and all you have to worry about is making sales.

That means you can rebrand our software that includes helpful tools such as a chatbox and team inboxes for your business without wasting time or money on research and development. This is a great solution for medium to large sized businesses who are looking to generate more revenue without investing a lot!

If you are interested in stepping up your business with inboxes and conversation workflows that accelerate team responsiveness and a tool that comes in over 50 languages, then book a white label demo with Xeno today!

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