Keep customers November 13, 2019
Keep a Clean Sheet: Tips for Increasing FCR

Even if you aren’t into soccer, I’m sure you have heard this expression: keeping a clean sheet. This is when the goalkeeper is yet to let in any goals. It’s quite an accolade and talked about a lot by commentators and fans. It can have a strong psychological effect on how you think the game […]

Keep customers November 4, 2019
How to Appreciate Your Customers

Everybody needs appreciation. In any relationship, all parties must feel valued. When you appreciate your customers, you make them feel special. You need to learn the art of appreciation to attract and keep new customers. Showing your customers gratitude after service is a sure bet to customer loyalty. A simple thank you note, or an […]

Keep customers October 29, 2019
Are angry customers making you lose business?

Have you ever received a message from a customer that made your head spin? When customers are fuming, it is essential to attend to customer problem resolution immediately. However, if you aren’t logged on to your customer management system or don’t have all your apps open, this may be difficult. So how do you build […]

Keep customers October 21, 2019
Simple Ways to Get Return Customers

Having return customers that come back all the time is a dream for many business owners. They are a key piece in having a sustainable business. But they are also something business owners have trouble obtaining. Getting return customers isn’t actually too difficult if you know what to do. In fact, here are a few […]

Keep customers September 23, 2019
Improving Onboarding: Your First Day on the Job

Onboarding customers is a lot like your first day at a new job. Your company is the employee, and the new customer, your boss. You need to impress them with your skills, show that you can make life easy for them, keep them happy and most of all, demonstrate value. Your onboarding process could affect […]

Keep customers September 9, 2019
Be Your Customers Best Friend

Building lasting relationships and providing good customer service can be similar to building a strong friendship. Being there for your customers when they need you, knowing the right words to say, showing them that you care and making them feel valued. Compare this to bad friends that never return your calls, or do so weeks […]

Keep customers September 2, 2019
How to Read Minds: Feedback Collection Methods

  It can be frustrating not knowing what your customers want, right? Do you sometimes think it would be a lot easier if you could just read minds? Well, thankfully asking for feedback can get a pretty similar result. Instead of just trying to spot trends in analytics and generally trying to predict the future, […]

Keep customers August 19, 2019
Is Your Pool Party the Most Popular Around?

Are you planning a pool party this summer to deal with the heat? Or have you been invited to one? There are some things that can make a party exceptional, and make you feel like you never want to leave. And there are a lot of similarities between these x-factors and ideas that may help […]

Keep customers July 29, 2019
Wake up your Dormice: Re-engaging with Inactive Customers

Some people may think of inactive customers in a negative light, like so-called friends that never call or text. At Xeno, we see them more like cute little dormice in hibernation. It’s possible to wake them up and get them to come back to you, you just have to do it in the right way. […]

Keep customers July 15, 2019
Reducing Revenue Churn

When thinking about churn, a lot of us think about how many customers we lose, or customer churn. But there is also another important factor to consider: how much money we are losing, or revenue churn. Revenue churn is the amount of money your company is losing due to customers leaving, downgrading their subscription plans, […]

Keep customers July 3, 2019
Reducing Churn: Thinking Outside the Box

There are quite a few traditional customer retention strategies. Such as creating a customer loyalty program or running re-engagement campaigns. But we thought we would explore some ideas that are a little more out-there with this article. Innovation can help you to stay ahead of competitors and you may stumble on something that really works […]

Keep customers June 26, 2019
Adopt, Don’t Shop; The Easy Way of Keeping Customers

Hey there! We might know each other if you are not a first time visitor to our blog! If you are a first time reader, let me introduce myself. I’m Ljubica. Xeno writer by night, animal rescuer by day. My daytime activities have taught me a valuable business lesson I need to share with you. […]

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