Live response September 30, 2019
A Helping Hand: 8 Xeno Features that Make Life Easy

Live support is fast becoming a popular choice for online businesses. Bridging the gap between old school customer service and the digital self-serve age, it offers a humanized customer experience, all from the comfort of one’s own home. Your business is as strong as the tools it uses, and a quality live support software such […]

Live response September 16, 2019
How to Write FAQs: A Recipe

Do you want to cook up a storm with your FAQ page? Strong FAQ pages may save your business time and money, help with conversion and even SEO. But you have to use the right ingredients, in the right order if you want to get the maximum benefit. Once you’ve prepared your delicacy you can […]

Live response August 26, 2019
Step Up Your Connections: Increasing Engagement in Live Support Software

You could have the most amazing restaurant, with a unique and delicious menu, but if people don’t know where your restaurant is, or it isn’t visible to them from the high street, your efforts may be wasted. In a similar way, live support is an excellent customer service tool that can allow you to quickly […]

Live response July 22, 2019
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Complimenting FAQs with Live Support

A strong FAQ page is an important part of optimizing your website for conversion. In fact, Neil Patel describes it as “one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel”. It can help to answer questions that would otherwise leave customers on the brink of purchasing, strengthen trust in your brand, reassure leads and even help […]

Live response June 23, 2019
Back to the Old School: Traditional Values, Modern Twist

  Buying online is simple. 3 clicks and you can be done. There is no need to even speak to a human. This can be great for you and your customers, but automating all of your processes and neglecting the human element could lead to a hole in your customer service strategy. Using some of […]

Live response May 6, 2019
Get to Know: Your Knowledge Base

In today’s world, people want their problems to be solved quickly. Besides, a substantial percentage of them would prefer to do it themselves, rather than have someone help them through it. A help center is a collection of content that can help customers solve their own problems with your service or product. It contains the […]

Live response April 9, 2019
3 Reasons Live Chat Provides the Best Customer Service

In the present digital era, live customer service is of utmost importance. It would not be wrong to say that it’s a race against the clock. For any business, being responsive is pivotal to build trust with customers. It is important to make consumers feel valued by providing immediate solutions to their concerns. You do […]

Live response April 1, 2019
Why Live Response Is Determining the Top Competitors in Your Industry

Jaqueline was shopping with her girls nearby at a boutique. She picked out the cutest sweater and swiped her card to make a checkout. Mortified, the card declined even though she knew she was just paid Friday. What gives? She hurries to call the customer toll line on the back of the card. Thank you […]

Live response March 25, 2019
Keep it on a Level: How to Avoid Confusing Your Customers

Using live support should be a smooth, flowing and stress-free experience for customers. But as can be the case when words are concerned, it could get complicated quickly if you say the wrong thing or use complicated jargon. Certain practices can leave customers dazed and confused too, such as passing them between multiple members and […]

Live response March 6, 2019
Collaboration Is Key: Why Multi-Channel Support Is the Future of Business

Today there are more ways than ever for customers and leads to contact your business. Customers want to be able to choose which channel they use. And they will reward you if you give them the option. In a study by the Aberdeen Group, businesses providing service over a multitude of channels had a customer retention […]

Live response February 18, 2019
Live Response Means More Sales, Less Costs

If you have been involved in business for any length of time, whether it is marketing, sales, customer service or any other aspect of operations, you might have heard of a million different ‘next best things’ or new approaches. So, I know what you are thinking, here’s another empty promise of all kinds of benefits, […]

Live response February 10, 2019
Why Live Chat Works for Millennials

Millennials love to be connected, and they want it at their fingertips. 58% expect to engage with a brand whenever they choose. The irony is that we are more “connected” than ever before, but we may be making things more impersonal. Automation is becoming increasingly popular. We can order a bunch of flowers for our mum […]

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