Live response January 25, 2021
The Best Tools to Improve Remote Communication for Teams

When you have a remote team, communication can get a bit tricky, especially when you factor in different time zones, internet connection speeds, and more. It’s easy for team members to miss messages and lose track of information when everyone is operating differently.   If you find that communication in your team isn’t up to […]

Live response January 18, 2021
3 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Remote Communication

  2021 is finally here! And with it came a bunch of much needed New Year’s Resolutions. While many people may be focusing on their health or home, some are making their New Year’s Resolutions all about work.   As we all know, 2020 changed the way the majority of the world worked. Many people […]

Live response December 15, 2020
The 2020 Holiday Season for Remote Teams

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and even now that it’s the holiday season, the craziness of this year isn’t going to change. For many, this holiday season is gearing up to be the weirdest holiday season they have ever experienced.   The same goes for remote teams! Many businesses who were forced […]

Live response November 25, 2020
Remote Communication Etiquette

    Between the Coronavirus lockdowns in early 2020 and the new lockdowns going into the holiday season, more and more people are struggling with remote working and communication. Not to mention, the closer we get to the holidays, the more hectic things seem to get.   As things are ramping up, it’s important for […]

Live response November 23, 2020
How to Communicate Effectively as a Remote Team

Thanks to the coronavirus, more teams have moved to remote operations and communication than ever before. And while the pandemic rages on, it doesn’t look like teams will be moving back to normal any time soon.   At first, remote communication was just a temporary solution to maintain social distancing but now, it seems as […]

Live response November 10, 2020
5 Skills You Need to Master Remote Communication

Remote communication is a hot topic right now. Especially as businesses continue to navigate the lingering pandemic. And while some people are thriving in the new world of remote communication, some people are still struggling. It’s true that nothing can replace good old fashioned face-to-face communication, but with remote communication growing in necessity, as well […]

Live response October 20, 2020
How to Improve Conversational Experiences with AI

  Conversational experiences are an important factor to focus on for any business that provides customer services. They are a staple for providing quality customer experiences which ultimately leads to customer retention and more sales. It’s a win-win!   But, how do you provide these conversational experiences for every single customer? Moreso, how do you […]

Live response October 14, 2020
How to Create a Sustainable Remote Communication System

  Remote communication is currently more important than it has ever been. Since the coronavirus has forced many businesses to move online, digital communication is the new standard and some are still struggling to find a sustainable system.   Creating a sustainable remote communication system can seem daunting, especially when there are a lot of […]

Keep customers September 21, 2020
How A Conversation Flow Works

When employing chatbots to help manage customer communication, it is common to have reservations about using them. We are accustomed to thinking of robot communication as choppy and unnatural.   However, the truth is, technology has come a long way and most of the time, chatting with a chatbot can seem like you’re chatting with […]

Keep customers September 7, 2020
3 Reasons Why Remote Communication is Your Best Sustainable Option

Remote communication has been growing over the past few years, but it has never been more essential than it became this year. With the coronavirus halting in-person business operations, many businesses were forced to move online where they had not done so before.   Even as things begin to slowly return to normal, it’s important […]

Live response July 13, 2020
How Live Support Can Help Your Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring online, you want the process to be simple for applicants and your HR team. Xeno live support software can help make this process efficient and stress-free. With a host of features to help you provide virtual HR, from video chat for interviews, to direct appointment booking, a knowledge base and […]

Live response May 21, 2020
The Benefits of Using Live Support for Banks

Are you utilizing live support for your clients? With most customers expecting an online service as standard today, there are a host of possible benefits that adding live support software could bring to a bank’s digital strategy. Potential customers researching services online, those looking to open an online bank account or existing ones that need […]

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