Attract customers September 14, 2020
Have You Heard About Product Hunt?

Do you wonder how people always find out about awesome new apps and tech before you do? Have you heard of Product Hunt? As a consumer, it’s an easy way to discover cool, innovative and brand-new tech that could help you in your personal and business life. And for businesses, it can be a great […]

Attract customers September 2, 2020
Level Up Your Social Media Sharing with Xeno

  Social Media Marketing can be a great way to spread awareness of your business and attract leads online. It seems like everyone you know is on Facebook, whilst other platforms such as Instagram continue to grow, and there are new platforms popping up all of the time. It is a channel you can add […]

Attract customers August 10, 2020
Why Blog Posting is a Really Good Idea

    You may have been told countless times by social media consultants, adverts or emails in your inbox that you should be posting blogs to promote your business online. But do you know why? And did you know that pairing a content strategy with live support software could be a match made in heaven? […]

Attract customers May 4, 2020
Why You Should Focus More on Your Customer Acquisition Cost

Revenue, customer loyalty and profit and loss are metrics many business owners focus on to decide how fast their business is growing, if it is growing at all. In this time when many businesses can get leads information and attract leads online, many brands now focus on lead and customer interaction with their brands, in […]

Attract customers April 29, 2020
Funnel Focus: The Awareness Stage

Do you hear the word ‘sales funnel’ a lot? But is the only funnel you’ve heard of used to pour liquids into things? A sales funnel is a way of looking at the customer journey, from becoming aware of your business to making a purchase. It’s a model of the typical stages to take each […]

Attract customers April 1, 2020
2 Popular Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

What is your strategy to attract leads online? Have you doubled down on content marketing, email or something else? You may be using a combination. There is more than one way of generating potential customers. We thought we would take a look at 2 popular methods for you:   Social Media Marketing A large percentage […]

Attract customers February 24, 2020
Attracting Wildlife, and Customers

Do you struggle to attract leads for your business? Is your garden full of birds and insects? You may think there is no connection between these two questions. And I’m not a wildlife expert. But there appears to be a few similarities between building a thriving garden ecosystem and turning visitors into leads for your […]

Attract customers February 5, 2020
How to Use Lead Magnets Effectively in 2020

For many businesses, lead generation is a very big problem. If you wish to be successful in business in 2020, you must find a way to use lead magnets effectively to make lead generation easier and attract the right leads to your business. That is why in this article, I will be sharing with you […]

Attract customers February 3, 2020
The World in 3000: Lead Generation Factors That Will Remain Constant

Some 30 years ago, no one would have believed that the whole process of marketing and selling would be as easy as it is today; with social media and email marketing making lead generation and communication with your leads a smooth and easy process, as opposed to buying space on newspapers for ads and mailing […]

Attract customers December 23, 2019
How to Tame a Unicorn: Generating Leads

Do you feel sometimes that finding and attracting quality leads is like trying to catch a glimpse of a Unicorn? Well, let’s imagine for a few seconds that Unicorns are real (I know right?!). We are pretty convinced that attracting leads online and getting the all-important contact info would be a very similar process:   […]

Attract customers November 11, 2019
How To Initiate Interest For Your Business

Ping. A lead has just landed on your page and asked a question. They wait for about 10 seconds and then, if they don’t get an answer to what they need, they run off to a competitor. In order to provide exemplary customer experience, you need to be quick in replying! If you have numerous […]

Attract customers November 11, 2019
How to Generate Leads for Multi-Level Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes MLM representatives make when they come into the business newly is having the wrong mindset. Many of them see network marketing as a money multiplying venture they can enter with a little money and come out with a lot more. They don’t see MLM as a serious business where they […]

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