Attract customers August 6, 2019
Lead Generation vs Lead Engagement

There appears to be a shift in recent years from lead generation to lead engagement. It’s not enough to simply gather leads and hope that they will convert to customers. You need to provide them with the correct information at the right time, qualify and nurture them, driving towards that sale. Live support software can […]

Attract customers July 7, 2019
How to Fish Leads in the Big Blue Ocean

What is a lead? Do you need a lead? Where does one identify a lead? Does a lead lead? Most importantly, is it edible? Let me unlock the magic of the leads upon you… Or let’s just make me be a normal person for five minutes and I’ll try to communicate to you, to the […]

Attract customers June 26, 2019
The Basics of Fishing: How to Catch a Lead

Hey there little fisherman. How’s it going? You got yourself a fresh new bait? Revamped the marketing strategy, trained your team, zeroed in on your target lead subgroup. Are they biting it? Some of you are fishing modestly, using just one rod and are doing fine. You are operating a local business and that just […]

Attract customers June 11, 2019
Engagement: A Two-Way Street

Engagement is important for many areas of your business. It can show that people are interested in what you have to say, and it also gives you feedback on what is working and what isn’t. Engagement on social channels can help to increase your visibility and generate a buzz around your business. Meanwhile in email […]

Attract customers May 1, 2019
Do They Just Want Attention? How to Tell When Someone’s Leading You On

“What is lead? Baby don’t lead me, don’t lead me, no more.” — Leaddaway One must wonder when will all these pop song references vacant my head… Also, this is not a ‘what is a lead’ article, so there’s that. It’s a ‘how to know from the start if they just want your attention yeah, […]

Attract customers April 22, 2019
Lending Support to Landing Pages

Landing pages are single web pages visited after following a link from an advert, blog, email and other sources. They are designed to get the viewer to take action. Such as opting in to your email list or making a purchase. The layout of the page—such as the headline, copy, call-to-action, etc.—should all be optimized […]

Attract customers March 12, 2019
Is Your Brand Buff?

Branding is important for any business. It can help to make sales at each stage of your sales funnel, but it is especially important in the awareness phase. Potential leads are coming into contact with your brand for the first time and if your branding is not cohesive and they don’t like what you have […]

Attract customers January 28, 2019
5 Reasons Facebook Ads Are Popular

We all want to attract more leads online. A few years ago, you could generate some strong awareness for your brand from Facebook without spending a penny. But the game has changed. Bonsey Jaden found a steady decline in organic reach from 5.4% in 2015 to 1.2% in 2018. Luckily, Facebook ads offer some opportunities to […]

Attract customers January 6, 2019
Lead Generation: It All Begins and Ends at “Home”

Lead and traffic generation is still the top marketing challenge companies face. If you want to win this and all the other challenges, however, you need to look inside your organization first rather than outside. In other words, look at your employees first — are they happy or not — instead of focusing too much […]

Attract customers December 17, 2018
Why Live Support and Inbound Marketing are a Good Fit

Outbound and inbound marketing are two very different beasts. WordStream defines outbound marketing as “any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience”. E.g. cold calling and email spamming. Whereas, with inbound marketing, you attract your customers towards you. Examples include SEO and content marketing. Inbound […]

Attract customers November 27, 2018
How to Utilize Twitter to Get More Leads

Social media has become a formidable tool marketers use to build their brand, promote their products and services, and to get more leads. Not only do they yield extraordinary results but they also cost less than the traditional approach. If you are planning to incorporate them into your lead generation campaign but have no idea […]

Attract customers November 5, 2018
Opt-In Forms vs. Live Support: Generating Leads

Collecting customer contact details through opt-in forms, and carefully nurturing leads, is a huge advancement from the cold email spamming of years ago. Permission marketing is much more cost-efficient and effective for turning visitors into leads. Opt-in forms do have their strengths for collecting the all-important deets: they can be short and sweet, their designs […]