Attract customers April 22, 2019
Lending Support to Landing Pages

Landing pages are single web pages visited after following a link from an advert, blog, email and other sources. They are designed to get the viewer to take action. Such as opting in to your email list or making a purchase. The layout of the page—such as the headline, copy, call-to-action, etc.—should all be optimized […]

Keep customers April 17, 2019
Treat Them Like Royalty: How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program

It can be more expensive for your business to try and find new customers than to keep the ones you have, so it makes sense to have a strong customer retention strategy. Loyalty programs are one tool that can help to keep customers from straying to your competitors. They can be a good way of […]

Convert customers April 15, 2019
Chat Them Up: How To Convert Human Contact Into a Purchase

Is it possible? Is it true? People like human interaction even in the day and age when most of us watch our phones until they stop ringing before sending the caller the “Why did you call?” SMS? Well, when we are deciding where to spend our money, the answer is yes.   Communication Can Set […]

Keep customers April 11, 2019
Hit Them with the Old One: Combining Re-engagement Emails with Live Chat

Re-engagement emails; a last-ditch attempt to get customers to come back to you? Or a legitimate part of your customer retention strategy? Re-engagement emails can be used to try and re-engage (funny that?) inactive subscribers in your email list, and also to tempt back users that have not used your product for a while. You […]

Live response April 9, 2019
3 Reasons Live Chat Provides the Best Customer Service

In the present digital era, live customer service is of utmost importance. It would not be wrong to say that it’s a race against the clock. For any business, being responsive is pivotal to build trust with customers. It is important to make consumers feel valued by providing immediate solutions to their concerns. You do […]

Keep customers April 2, 2019
Identifying at Risk Customers: How Live Support Can Help

We all want to reduce our churn rate. In a perfect world, we would onboard customers, and they stay with us, forever. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But we do have some power, there are some tell-tale signs that could mean customers are about to/thinking of leaving you, giving you a chance to jump in […]

Live response April 1, 2019
Why Live Response Is Determining the Top Competitors in Your Industry

Jaqueline was shopping with her girls nearby at a boutique. She picked out the cutest sweater and swiped her card to make a checkout. Mortified, the card declined even though she knew she was just paid Friday. What gives? She hurries to call the customer toll line on the back of the card. Thank you […]

Keep customers March 27, 2019
How to Turn Negative Reviews into Something Good for Your Business (No Seriously)

You’ve closed the sale, got the money, and now you’re feeling like a winner. Until you receive one angry email coupled with a one-star review. You don’t understand what went wrong: you have the amazing product, the best live customer service, and a marketing campaign to boot. Don’t ignore the review just yet, here’s how […]

Live response March 25, 2019
Keep it on a Level: How to Avoid Confusing Your Customers

Using live support should be a smooth, flowing and stress-free experience for customers. But as can be the case when words are concerned, it could get complicated quickly if you say the wrong thing or use complicated jargon. Certain practices can leave customers dazed and confused too, such as passing them between multiple members and […]

Convert customers March 20, 2019
5 FAQ about how to convert leads to loyal customers

You need customers. Every company needs customers. However, the progression from customer attraction to customer conversion can often be tedious, painful, and costly for most businesses. Twenty-first-century shoppers are well-informed and have more options than at any point in history. Thus, businesses have learned that generating traffic alone does not automatically lead to purchase from […]

Keep customers March 18, 2019
Keep Them Coming Back with Co-Browsing

Co-browsing is the sharing of a customer’s screen with a customer representative who can then interact with the customers browser. Alone, live support can be a great way of increasing customer satisfaction in your business. It’s personable, accessible and fast. But there are some features such as co-browsing that can put the cherry on top […]

Xeno news March 14, 2019
Around the world, around the world…

  Hello! Bonjour! ¡Hola! Hallo! 😀 You ask, we deliver! Xeno’s chatbox is now available in over 50 languages! Your leads and customers can finally see your chatbox in their own languages, depending on their browser settings, giving you the opportunity to go above and beyond to satisfy them!   How to activate your chatbox languages: […]