Attract customers July 8, 2022
Make Xeno Your Own: Customizing Options

  Xeno has numerous customization options to help you seamlessly integrate it into your business workflows and make it your own.  You can use these customizations to tailor it to the needs of your business, individual team members and your customers, from scheduling support hours, meetings or language translation, to designing custom paths for your […]

Convert customers March 4, 2022
Xeno Makes Your Marketing Marvelous

If you thought Xeno was only about support for existing customers, well think again! Xeno can be used to support many arms of your business, including marketing.  Here’s how:   Integrations with Popular Apps Xeno has integrations with many popular apps that help with marketing and other business processes, including Marketo, Zapier and Salesforce. These […]

Attract customers February 28, 2022
Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your Customer Service with Xeno

  As the nights start to get lighter and the air a little warmer, Spring is just around the corner. Are you doing a touch of spring cleaning in preparation for summer? Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your house.  Does your company have some areas that you feel could be tidied up […]

Attract customers February 25, 2022
The Three Ps of Onboarding: Planning, Personalisation and Opinion

  Ok we might have been pushing it with the last P, but stick with us! On-point onboarding is essential for running a successful online business. Good onboarding strategy helps to give a solid first impression to your company and introduction to your product, increases customer satisfaction and decreases churn. Good onboarding shows customers how […]

Attract customers February 21, 2022
Turbo Boost your Social Traction: Increasing Engagement on Social Media

  Are you tired of spending hours thinking up content ideas to attract leads online, only to find that your latest posts have been seen by 5 people, and one of those was your mum? Social media platforms use algorithms to determine who and how many people your posts are shown to, and one of […]

Keep customers February 18, 2022
The Ingredients for Customer Retention

  Nearly everyone loves cake, and you can guarantee a tasty, well-made cake will keep your friends and family coming back again and again to the cupboard to grab a slice.  Much like the tasty cake, you want customers to keep coming back to your business again and again.  And you can’t make a good […]

Attract customers December 27, 2021
How to Get New Customers (and Keep Them Too)!

  As a business, your customers should be at the center of everything. Knowing fully well who your customers are, and their patterns would help you keep your business running. However, it is not just about knowing who your customers are, it is knowing the identity of your business as well and what makes you […]

Attract customers December 24, 2021
The One Thing Remote Teams Can’t Live Without

  The work landscape has changed dramatically over the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have had no other choice but to switch to remote work as governments mandated everyone to stay home, and closed borders.  When the COVID-19 first shut down in-person businesses in 2020, it took quite a while for some […]

Attract customers December 20, 2021
Why Everyone is Using Live Response (and You Should Too!)

Nowadays, it may seem like everyone is using live response software on their websites. Everywhere you look, you see chatboxes and buttons that promise to connect you with a live team member. The truth is, lots of businesses are using live response to step up their sales game and you could be, and should be, […]

Attract customers December 17, 2021
Back to Basics: 4 Popular Types of Social Media Posts

We’ve been talking about the power of social media scheduling recently on this blog, how it can help you to be more efficient and plan out a content calendar for the future, but before you start creating a content plan you may not know what types of posts are available to you. So we are […]

Keep customers November 12, 2021
Growing an Online Business for Beginners: Keeping Customers

  Once you are bringing in new leads and converting them to customers the next step is keeping them, or in fancy terms: customer retention. This could be customers coming back for repeat business or keeping subscribers if you provide a membership / subscription service.  Customer retention has a myriad of benefits. It can be […]

Convert customers October 25, 2021
Organize to Optimize: Xeno Features that Save You time and Money

Optimize, optimize, optimize, if you’ve been in the digital marketing world for any amount of time,  no doubt you have heard this phrase time and time and again, and for good reason, who doesn’t want their business operating as well as it can at all levels. There are many benefits of live response as standard, […]

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