Convert customers May 20, 2019
Conversion Rate Optimization: How Live Chat Can Help

No one likes the idea of missed opportunities. The beautiful person that passed you on the street, the lotto ticket that you didn’t buy. Or more specifically here, the customer that visited your website but left without buying. There are some best practices to follow that could help to get your website converting nicely, taking […]

Keep customers May 14, 2019
Reducing Effort, the Antidote to Churn?

Customers want an easy life. They want to be able to order Dominoes, lying in bed, using their face as ID to unlock their phone. As business owners, this may be inconvenient but knowing this gives you power. In fact, a study by the Customer Contact Council found that one of the biggest factors for […]

Keep customers May 13, 2019
Live Chat Bot Hazards – Things You Need to Avoid in Live Response Marketing

In the digital age, mainstream artificial intelligence has gained significant momentum. Today, many programs and machines are being created that have the ability to learn and develop. Without a doubt, science has revolutionized the way we lead our everyday life. From simply playing games to managing day-to-day tasks, AI has transformed the fate of the […]

Keep customers May 10, 2019
Getting those ride or dies; how building up trust gets you a loyal customer

No customers, no business, right? New conversions mean fresh business. And while getting customers to purchase your product once is great, getting them to return to your business is more profitable than you can imagine. Trust is the greatest commodity in modern day business and it’s the one thing that can’t be bought, but rather […]

Live response May 6, 2019
Get to Know: Your Knowledge Base

In today’s world, people want their problems to be solved quickly. Besides, a substantial percentage of them would prefer to do it themselves, rather than have someone help them through it. A help center is a collection of content that can help customers solve their own problems with your service or product. It contains the […]

Attract customers May 1, 2019
Do They Just Want Attention? How to Tell When Someone’s Leading You On

“What is lead? Baby don’t lead me, don’t lead me, no more.” — Leaddaway One must wonder when will all these pop song references vacant my head… Also, this is not a ‘what is a lead’ article, so there’s that. It’s a ‘how to know from the start if they just want your attention yeah, […]

Keep customers April 29, 2019
Becoming a Mind Reader

Films throughout history have explored the idea of mind reading. Aside from changing your daily life forever, imagine how easy running our businesses would be if we had the same power when talking to customers?! We would know exactly what our customers need and how we can make things better for them. Unfortunately, we don’t […]

Keep customers April 24, 2019
Soft Customer, Warm Customer, Little Ball of Fur: The Big Bang Theory of Keeping Customers

I can bet you are expecting some Sheldon Cooper level of expertise on the subject of keeping your customers right about now. Is it a science? Some kind of mystical theory only the highly trained marketing gurus know?   Happy Customer, Sleepy Customer, purr purr purr Well, it’s simple just like Sheldon’s cute cat tune; […]

Attract customers April 22, 2019
Lending Support to Landing Pages

Landing pages are single web pages visited after following a link from an advert, blog, email and other sources. They are designed to get the viewer to take action. Such as opting in to your email list or making a purchase. The layout of the page—such as the headline, copy, call-to-action, etc.—should all be optimized […]

Keep customers April 17, 2019
Treat Them Like Royalty: How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program

It can be more expensive for your business to try and find new customers than to keep the ones you have, so it makes sense to have a strong customer retention strategy. Loyalty programs are one tool that can help to keep customers from straying to your competitors. They can be a good way of […]

Convert customers April 15, 2019
Chat Them Up: How To Convert Human Contact Into a Purchase

Is it possible? Is it true? People like human interaction even in the day and age when most of us watch our phones until they stop ringing before sending the caller the “Why did you call?” SMS? Well, when we are deciding where to spend our money, the answer is yes.   Communication Can Set […]

Keep customers April 11, 2019
Hit Them with the Old One: Combining Re-engagement Emails with Live Chat

Re-engagement emails; a last-ditch attempt to get customers to come back to you? Or a legitimate part of your customer retention strategy? Re-engagement emails can be used to try and re-engage (funny that?) inactive subscribers in your email list, and also to tempt back users that have not used your product for a while. You […]