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With Xeno's white label solution, you can in a matter of days embed and sell the most advanced AI Powered Customer Engagement Center as your own. We focus on product development, you focus on what most impacts your business: sales!

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Why Xeno as a white label solution?

• To catch up with the market and offer a highly demanded feature to your customer in less than 3 months.
• To reduce the risk by embedding a robust and tested solution.
• To significantly increase your revenue with a minimal investment thanks to our incentivized shared revenue model that has been tested by several hundred customers.

Besoin d'aide Need help 需要帮忙 Тусламж хэрэгтэй
Conversation Conversation 会话 Яриа
avatar receiveravatar receiveravatar receiveravatar receiver
Xeno Team, Chatbot
Hey there

Any question?
I'd be happy to help
Xeno Team, Chatbot
Hey there

Any question?
I'd be happy to help
Xeno Team, Chatbot
Salut !

Une question ? Je serais ravi de vous aider
Xeno Team, 聊天机器人

Xeno Team, Чатбот

Ямар нэгэн асуулт?
Би туслахдаа баяртай байна
Hi Xeno! How did you create such an amazing product? Hi Xeno! How did you create such an amazing product? Bonjour Xeno ! Comment créer-vous un produit aussi incroyable ? 您好Xeno!您如何创建如此出色的产品 Сайн уу Xeno! Та ийм гайхалтай бүтээгдэхүүнийг хэрхэн бүтээдэг вэ?
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Xeno white label: for what?

Add the Xeno conversational marketing functional scope to your product to upsell it to your existing customer base in order to quickly generate more revenues.

Xeno white label: for whom?

The white label partnership is mainly aimed at medium-sized or larger companies (≥ 250 million USD in revenue per year) seeking to accelerate their recurring revenue growth without taking the risk of investing in research and development.

Increase your company growth potential overnight.
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The most complete solution.
• Our conversation workflow organizes the automatic and human conversation.
• Our collaborative inbox accelerates the team responsiveness even for the most complex requests.
• Our tech works in 50+ languages.
Best-in-breed technology.
• Our stack is as it should be: recent and structured.
• Our team embraces continuous improvement.
Seamless process.
• Our tech is ready to be integrated to yours.
• Our team has experience in white label distribution.
• White label is part of our core strategy, we are committed to make this work.
Take a sneak peek into the Xeno white label universe
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The white label inbox

Here are some screenshots that can give you an idea of what the Xeno inbox can look like when customized with your company image. The goal is to integrate our solution into your existing product in the best possible way.

Our product
Our product