What is Marketo?

Marketo is a marketing automation software, built to help organizations automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks and workflows. Marketo can be used for account-based marketing and other marketing services. The company also offers products that include content creation and SEO.

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Marketing automation x Conversational Marketing: how can it help?

Conversation Marketing can help take your Marketo Marketing automation to the next level. Conversation Marketing can help up the conversion rates on your website. Xeno’s in-depth integration with Marketo (Sending contact information back and forth between Xeno and Marketo, keeping both sides up-to-date) makes customer conversion child’s play. Keeping track of customer information is also as easy as A, B, C.

How does the Xeno x Marketo integration work?

Thanks to Marketo’s API and its Munchkin cookie, Xeno is able to automatically identify a known contact as soon as they start a conversation on your website or mobile app.
Xeno will identify the contact firstly through their Marketo ID, then through their email address, and finally thanks to the Marketo cookie. The Marketo ID is then stocked in Xeno’s database for the contact’s future visits, which will allow the tool to recognise them straight away.

Using Marketo’s Munchkin cookie and identifying incoming known contacts is of the highest importance, as it’s paramount for digital scoring in Marketo, for instance. Once the contact-recognition phase is taken care of, the bi-directionnal synchronization of information between Marketo and Xeno for known contacts is then automatically put in place.

Marketo and Xeno’s connection also works the other way around. Once a conversation ends:

   • If the customer doesn’t already exist in Marketo, they are then created and linked to their cookie.

   • If the customer is a known customer in Marketo, their contact info is updated if needed, and a custom activity is created. For instance, “Customer A had a conversation with the chatbot”, or “Customer A booked a meeting”, or “Customer A chatted with Sales Person C”

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The white label inbox

Here are some screenshots that can give you an idea of what the Xeno inbox can look like when customized with your company image. The goal is to integrate our solution into your existing product in the best possible way.

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