We make your business
data speak with GPT AI
to revolutionize your customer experience.
to transform your internal communication.
to propel your performance.

Xeno is a messaging app designed to help you attract, convert, and keep customers through the power of live response.

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Your new online
customer service tool

Reconnect your team members and your customers
through Xeno. Whatever the language. Whatever the channel.

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Your marketer
Your engineer
Your bot
Your Business, Powered by AI

Xeno merges GPT AI with your company's knowledge to provide your customers with unparalleled and captivating interactions.

Improve your interactions with customers.
Increase your customer satisfaction.
Secure your data.
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See for yourself what makes Xeno unique

Unique Innovation and Expertise

With our unrivaled technology and technological expertise, we demonstrate a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence.

Custom AI tailored to your brand

Our AI adopts the tone of your brand for a seamless user experience, reinforcing your brand's identity in a unique way.

Confirmed Excellence and Quality

We create experiences, not just products. Our reputation for excellence is a testament to our ongoing dedication to quality.

Partnership for Your Satisfaction

We are more than just a supplier: we are your partner. We are there at every step, ensuring your satisfaction at all levels.

Exclusive Personal Accompaniment

Every client is unique. That's why we assign each client a dedicated contact for flawless personal attention.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

Boasting an expertise of 8 years since our inception in 2015, we provide proven and robust solutions with confidence and skill.

Continuous improvement

Xeno never stops getting better. We're constantly upgrading and adding new features.

Fully-integrated tool

Connect Xeno to the tools you use every day, in just a few clicks. We offer dedicated integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Clearbit, among others

24/7 support

Xeno employs a world-class support team: available 24/7, with an average response time < 3 seconds!
Connect Xeno to your favorite tools
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Our product
Our product