October 25th, 2021

Organize to Optimize: Xeno Features that Save You time and Money

Optimize, optimize, optimize, if you’ve been in the digital marketing world for any amount of time,  no doubt you have heard this phrase time and time and again, and for good reason, who doesn’t want their business operating as well as it can at all levels.

There are many benefits of live response as standard, but on top of these Xeno has a ton of features that help your staff to keep everything organized and your service running the best it can, saving you time and money.

It can be tough for live support agents to stay on top of everything, with communication coming from all angles, unfinished cases and handling multiple live conversations at the same time. Here are some of Xeno’s features that help your staff to stay at their prime:


Collaborative Team Inbox

Xeno brings all of your contacts and team members together in one place with a collaborative inbox. This can help you to organize your team and keep a streamlined communication workflow when working together. You can separate your staff into teams within the inbox, sort schedules, holidays and more. No more having to keep track of numerous email threads to get anything done. 



Xeno automatically identifies contacts by name and you can even have the IDs automatically inserted into your conversations. This is super helpful. It saves your staff time as they don’t have to find out who the person is and they can also see any previous contact activity and past conversations. This can show your staff why customers may be contacting them and it can also tell them where the visitor is in the buyer’s journey, which means they can tailor their communication accordingly. E.g. If the person is a qualified lead the agent may want to transfer them to the sales department or find out their needs and talk them through how Xeno can help them. But if they are an existing customer in the middle of an unresolved complaint they would want to adopt a more apologetic and understanding tone. Finally, Auto-ID can help to make your customers feel extra special, as agents know who they are talking to, without even having to ask!! That VIP treatment! Earning you even more customer service points. 


Automatic Meetings 

This feature saves your staff and customers time as you don’t have to go back and forth checking what times you have available and what time they are free. Xeno can even be connected to Google Calendar. Customers can pick an available time from your schedule that suits them and book it without having to contact your staff at all. Freeing up the time for them to do other things such as providing a high customer service speed. 


Pre-Qualification Questions*

With Xeno you can get some important questions answered before visitors even enter into a conversation with an agent. This can help to ensure that they speak to the right person in the first instance. This can save your staff wasted time as they don’t have to spend time gathering information about the customer and they don’t have to start conversations in areas that they aren’t qualified in. It can also help to increase FCR rate as customers are speaking to the right people in the ‘First Contact’.

*not always recommended as it can be a source of friction.


Wrapping it Up 

In a sea of analytics and customer channels Xeno live support software helps your staff to stay grounded and do their jobs effectively. :). In addition to the features mentioned, you can also use Xeno’s post-chat surveys to further optimize your process, our own analytics to make bright decisions based on brilliant data and other features too.

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