February 28th, 2022

Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your Customer Service with Xeno


As the nights start to get lighter and the air a little warmer, Spring is just around the corner.

Are you doing a touch of spring cleaning in preparation for summer?

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be for your house. 

Does your company have some areas that you feel could be tidied up to optimize your processes and efficiency? 

Xeno has a bunch of features that can help to clean up your customer service process and get everything and everyone working the best they can.


Collaborative Team Inbox

A shared inbox helps to organize your team, keeping everyone on the same page about roles, deadlines, holidays and more. With Xeno’s collaborative team inbox you can bring all your contacts and staff together and define teams, permissions, schedules, days off, and routing rules, such as topics, in one place, sparing your staff from the multiple email threads in their inboxes. Your collaborative inbox also helps your staff work as a team, by answering customer queries together, thus getting your customer the answer they’re looking for as efficiently as possible.


Qualification Questions

Asking visitors a few questions before entering a live conversation can help to tidy up your workflow and get issues dealt with efficiently, all the while helping you find out more about the person you’re talking to, if they’re an unknown lead

It can help to ensure that they get to speak to a member of staff that can help them from the beginning. This can help to increase your first contact resolution rate (FCR) and reduce effort for customers as they don’t have to repeat themselves and waste their time. This is powerful, in a survey by the Customer Contact Council one of the biggest factors for increasing customer retention was reducing effort for your customers and it can also add to your customers happiness overall. It also uses your staff’s time more effectively which can help to reduce stress, increase performance and offer a better service. We recommend setting up 2 to 3 qualification questions to send to your contacts.


Consolidated Communication

Do your communication channels look a bit like your house in the winter time? Are there lots of unfinished jobs in each room, without any cohesion? When you use multiple communication channels as a business, it can be hard to keep track of all the different messages. Xeno integrates communication from multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, text messages etc. in one place, so your staff can view, organize and reply to all communication from one spot: your Xeno inbox. This helps your staff use their time efficiently and get customer issues resolved swiftly.


Internal Messages 

Internal messages allow your staff to talk to each other behind the scenes, during a customer conversation, helping them to work together and get customers their answers as quickly as possible, and they’re all invisible to your customer, nice and tidy!



Customers may want to book a future meeting with your advisors if they are too busy to connect over live chat straight away, or no staff are available. However, this can be messy and a big waste of time with the endless emails back and forth. The Xeno meetings feature syncs automatically with your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar,so customers can book a meeting straight from the Xeno chatbox without need for your staff to step in.

Wrapping it Up 

Xeno is full of features to keep your customer service tidy. With consolidated communication, Meetings,and much more to keep your process streamlined and optimized.

There are also many other features that can help different areas of business operation, including a 54-language chatbox, a Knowledge Base that’s simple and quick to add entries to and a range of analytics so you can continually optimize your process.

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