December 27th, 2021

How to Get New Customers (and Keep Them Too)!


As a business, your customers should be at the center of everything. Knowing fully well who your customers are, and their patterns would help you keep your business running. However, it is not just about knowing who your customers are, it is knowing the identity of your business as well and what makes you unique from your competitors. 

Attracting and retaining customers is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. It is not a simple process and it can take a lot more work to get the kind of traction you are looking for. You should continuously be proactive and enthusiastic in your marketing efforts in order to keep a steady stream of customers coming. With a well thought out plan in place, you can start getting your feet wet and continuously improve and attract new customers as you get more and more specific information from your existing ones. 

Here is how to get new customers (and keep them too)!


Get Their Attention

The first thing it takes to get new customers is to get their attention. Make sure you know what your value proposition is, and conduct a Market Research to your target market. This means getting to know your ideal customers. Are they on certain social media platforms? Do they respond better to targeted emails? Do some research so you know exactly how to reach them and get them interested.

After figuring out who your customers are, create a well planned marketing campaign with your value proposition in mind. By knowing your value proposition, you would know what makes your business stand out, and leverage on this to sell your product or service. 

Once you start directing potential customers and building traffic to your website through your marketing efforts, get their attention even further by running sales, offering special promotions, or even with pop-up messages that are triggered when they perform a certain action on your site, just like you can through Xeno’s Automated Communication feature. 


Be Available

Once you have your leads’ attention, you may end up playing a bit of a waiting game. This is when your potential customers will be learning about your business and deciding whether they’ll make a purchase from your business.

During this time, the best thing you can do is be available for them! They will inevitably have questions and concerns, so putting them at ease and being informative will go a long way.

And for the times when you aren’t physically available for your customers, having your team available through a live chat feature can do wonders! You can even set up automated interactions with customers when your team is unavailable. In fact, Xeno’s most powerful feature, Conversation Flows, allows your business to create any scenario in mind, with translation keys natively ingrained in over 50 different languages. If you don’t have the time to create your scenario from scratch, Xeno already has predefined flows for various circumstances and for a variety of businesses that you can use, or tweak, immediately! With this, you can control the direction the conversation takes.

You can even equip yourself with Xeno’s Knowledge Base which allows you to have an unlimited number of posts that help not just your customers, but your staff as well. Calling upon this Knowledge Base feature during a Conversation Flow, for instance, will help your customers find all the information they need about your products, services, or company.


Follow Up

When you’ve answered all of your customer’s questions, they may still need some time to decide. Thanks to Xeno’s system, collecting customer information is child’s play, allowing you, if needed, to give them a gentle nudge that will finally help customers make that leap from lead to paying customer. 

With Xeno, you can ask for your contact information in a conversational way through the chatbox. You can use Automated Communication or your Conversation flows. By collecting customer info, you always have a way to follow up with someone who has contacted you for assistance in the past. Also, thanks to Xeno’s self-powered CRM, you’re able to find all contact information on the Contacts page. A Contact is automatically added to this page as soon as you have their name and email address, so you don’t even have to manually take care of data entry!

Aside from attaining contact information, there are multiple ways on how you can give your customers a gentle nudge that may finally push them to make that leap from lead to paying customer. Sometimes, a simple “Thank you” message goes a long way. Be human. That is what Live Chat is here for. You may also send them links from your Knowledge Base in order for them to understand some things better, or it could be as simple as asking them how you can be of service to them any further. 


Focus On the Customer

Finally, the best way to get to customers and keep them for the long haul is to always keep them in mind! Your customer is the center of your business, so they should always be satisfied with your product or service.

Another great way to keep your customers around long term is to always keep improving your business! Listening to customer feedback is just one great way to do this. 

Xeno offers tools such as post-chat surveys so that customers’ voices can be heard. You could also look towards Xeno’s analytics to see how well your current efforts are paying off. If you determine that they aren’t, then use these tools to see where and how you can improve on your customer service!

No matter what you do to attract customers and keep them around, the bottom line is that you should provide them with amazing customer service. This shows that you care and it is what will turn them from leads into paying customers.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Xeno for your free demo today!

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