March 4th, 2022

Xeno Makes Your Marketing Marvelous

If you thought Xeno was only about support for existing customers, well think again! Xeno can be used to support many arms of your business, including marketing. 

Here’s how:


Integrations with Popular Apps

Xeno has integrations with many popular apps that help with marketing and other business processes, including Marketo, Zapier and Salesforce.

These integrations can help to optimize your workflow, consolidate, and keep lead information up-to-date across apps, and even supercharge your conversion rate.

E.g., Here are some of the benefits of the Marketo integration

  • Two-way data integration: Customer data collected by Marketo is shared across both apps automatically and vice versa, cutting down on the staff cost of data entry and reducing data silos. This ensures that you always have important info up-to-date that can help convert leads and give better customer service. 
  • Marketo Munchkin cookie: This can be used to track each buyer’s journey to optimize marketing and customer experience. 
  • Flexibility: You can tailor Xeno and Marketo to work together according to the needs of your business. E.g., You can trigger actions in Marketo from actions in Xeno such as triggering an email campaign after collecting customer emails (with their consent, of course). 


Multi-Channel Communication 

With a multitude of communication options and platforms available today, there are a lot of ways for your customers to contact you and vice versa.

Xeno helps to support your marketing campaigns with integrations with a number of communication methods and popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Email iOS and Android.

There are multiple benefits to this:

  • Leads can contact you without having to leave their favorite apps, which can increase customer satisfaction.
  • Leads can contact you directly from the platform you market on. E.g., Messenger when using Facebook, or replying to an email when Email Marketing. This can reduce leads that are lost because they didn’t know how to contact you, or it was too much effort. 

And, all this communication is consolidated into one place, the Xeno app, to help your staff to stay organized and keep on top of requests.


Instant, Personalized Support

You may use a mix of different marketing strategies such as social, email, content etc. Xeno can help to make sure that the time and money you spend generating and nurturing leads with these methods is not wasted.

The app provides a way for leads to get instant, personal support in just a few clicks, whether it’s from a chatbox on your blog page, messaging on a social media platform, a link in an email or more.

Xeno can help at all stages of the sales funnel, whether it’s providing more information about your product, helping leads to decide on a type of product or plan, or reducing abandoned carts, it can help you take more leads from interest to purchase.



Leads generated from your marketing efforts may want to talk further about your product, but not always straight away. An advisor may not always be available, or leads may be busy. With our Meetings feature, visitors can automatically book meetings with advisors at specific time-slots.

You can synchronize Google or an Outlook Calendar to Xeno so leads are automatically shown the times that are available. This stops the endless back and forth communication that usually happens when booking meetings, saving you time and effort.

The meetings feature is fully customizable. You can add whatever types of meetings you’d like. It’s time-zone intelligent so there are no crossed wires when people are in different locations. The feature works on all devices: phone, tablet and desktop and can be accessed by leads anywhere, as it’s responsive.


Self-powered CRM 

Marketing can be easier and more successful when you have quality information about your leads.

Is this the first instance of contact with this lead?  Have they been qualified? Do you know their names?

When you have this kind of info your staff can tailor their approach accordingly. E.g., If they are qualified leads then you can start to pitch your product and not waste your time. If they are in the decision stage, you can educate them on the benefits of your brand over competitors.

With Xeno, all your contacts are automatically added to an enriched address book, helping to supercharge your marketing efforts and save your staff time from data entry. You can then segment and sort your contacts as you see fit.


Knowledge Base

Leads generated from your marketing efforts may not always want 1-to-1 support and prefer to do their own research.

With Xeno’s WYSIWYG editor, it is quick and simple to build a resourceful Knowledge Base. You can add and edit unlimited entries that can be accessed through your front end, by staff and even shared in conversations.


Wrapping it Up 

Potential leads can be lost at all stages of a leaky sales funnel and Xeno can be the perfect pot to catch these leads. Helping customers through the buying process with instant, personal support and self-service options, plus organization for your staff to optimize their efforts.  

Xeno can be paired with a number of other apps to multiply your success and has a host of native features that have not been covered here to help you offer supercharged customer service and keep your staff working at peak performance, including file sharing, screen-sharing, video calls, a customer-orientated ticketing feature and a range of analytics.

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