June 14th, 2021

The Key to Creating Loyal Customers

The Psychology of Emojis in Live Customer Service


So you just landed a new customer. Great job! Now what?

Bringing in new customers is great, so long as you can keep them coming back for more. This is where a lot of businesses end up struggling.

We get so caught up in being eye-catching enough to draw in new customers that we forget to cater to those who have been around for a while. So how do we keep current customers satisfied so we don’t lose their business?

The answer lies within creating loyal customers.


Good Customer Experience

Providing a good customer experience is the main key to creating loyal customers. After all, if a customer doesn’t feel valued, why would they want to keep coming back?

When you go the extra mile to provide your customer with everything they need plus a little more, then not only will they have no reason to look elsewhere for their needs but they will also be more than happy to keep giving you their money.

Xeno provides plenty of features to ensure that your customers get a great experience on your website including a conversational chatbot with an out-of-the-box Small Talk feature, available 24/7, a knowledge base that you can setup to answer any and every question customers may have, and a powerful Meetings feature that allows you to book calls or in-person appointments with contacts, on your terms.


Value Customer Feedback

Another way to create loyal customers is by proving that you value their feedback. This also goes hand in hand with providing good customer experience, especially when you implement suggestions customers might have.

Having a way for customers to ask questions, suggest changes, or simply leave a review can create loyalty.

Thankfully, Xeno helps with that, too. Through our live chat feature, customers have access to you anytime a question arises: you’re able to tend to their needs in a matter of seconds. When the conversation is over and you’ve answered their queries, you can automatically send a survey to your contact, where they can provide their input on their experience. Xeno offers multiple types of surveys for you to choose from, including rating questions, open-ended or closed-ended questions.


Personalized Customer Experience

Customers become loyal when you personalize their business experience with you. This may be as simple as sending them an email on their birthday, or it could be remembering to follow up with them after they come to you with an issue, for instance. 

Whatever way you choose to personalize your customer’s experience, Xeno makes it easier for you by helping you automatically identify them. As soon as a known contact enters the chat, Xeno can automatically identify them and display their information, meaning you can directly tailor the conversation to the customer you’re talking to. This allows the contact to feel valued and comfortable, while also allowing you to save time on asking them redundant questions: win-win.


Utilize Conversation Flows

Meeting your customers’ needs is a huge part of creating customer loyalty, and you can do that with conversation flows.

Conversation flows are predefined and prewritten points of communication that can direct customer communication in Xeno’s chat feature. That means you determine what direction a conversation will take when a customer responds a certain way.

With Xeno, you can create an unlimited amount of conversation flows. That means you can be prepared for virtually anything a customer will say or ask! You just have to think of it yourself first!

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