December 17th, 2021

Back to Basics: 4 Popular Types of Social Media Posts

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We’ve been talking about the power of social media scheduling recently on this blog, how it can help you to be more efficient and plan out a content calendar for the future, but before you start creating a content plan you may not know what types of posts are available to you. So we are going to take it back to basics here with a quick rundown of some of the main types of posting available on popular social platforms and some tips along the way.


Video is still a popular and powerful way of connecting with your followers and gaining new ones. Facebook, Insta Lives and Youtube premieres can be highly effective as your followers can get notifications when you go live instead of the post hopefully catching their eye in their newsfeed.

You could use a mix of ad-hoc videos and pre-planned posts. Ad-hoc posting can be great for announcing news or anything timely that comes up that is relevant to your audience. Whilst you can strategically map pre-planned videos throughout your content schedule that are more focused on specific goals. These can be recorded with good quality equipment: a decent camera, microphone, green screen etc. and edited with branding, sub-titles etc. Vids taken with your phone can work too, depending on the look and goal you are going for.


When selling online it’s important to build trust in your leads, and what’s a great way to do that? Show that others trust you and rate your product. You can post testimonials all over your socials, but be careful to not overdo it as it can become too salesy. It’s important to remember that it is “social” media and people use it in their downtime, so constantly selling can be a bad idea. You can even pair testimonials with other images in posts such as photos of your new product, money off deals, explainer videos and more.


Professional looking images are a great way to stop someone scrolling and listen to what you have to say. You can create images related to your post, images with no supporting text or include text in the image. If you don’t have a graphic designer in house or can’t afford to outsource one, is a powerful graphic design tool that’s inexpensive and easy to get to grips with. Or you could outsource a graphic designer to design you some underlay and overlay templates that you can reuse again and again, but you do the actual putting together of finished images yourself.


Plain text posts can also help to build your following and attract people to your funnel. When designing any social media campaign an important thing to keep in mind is engagement. Engagement includes likes, comments, reactions, shares, retweets etc. The more engagement you get on your posts the more people that the platform shows your posts to. Hello brand awareness and new followers! Question posts can be a great way of generating engagement and discussion, but a lot of people are using this tactic now, so make sure it is a question that is relevant and meaningful, not just a post for engagement. Polls can also be great for engagement and generating discussion.

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully this has explained some of the main types of posts and helped you to start generating some ideas for posts of your own. Once you have your campaigns up and running Xeno live support software can be a great tool to help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts. 

Xeno has integrations with popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The app streamlines all incoming messages from different social media channels that a brand has which allows your team to be more efficient without the stress of changing tabs. These inboxes can also be shared with team members to help everyone work together! And, there are many additional features to help your team stay organized and work efficiently such as the customer-orientated ticketing system to keep track of resolved and unresolved queries.

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