Live response March 25, 2019
Keep it on a Level: How to Avoid Confusing Your Customers

Using live support should be a smooth, flowing and stress-free experience for customers. But as can be the case when words are concerned, it could get complicated quickly if you say the wrong thing or use complicated jargon. Certain practices can leave customers dazed and confused too, such as passing them between multiple members and […]

Live response March 6, 2019
Collaboration Is Key: Why Multi-Channel Support Is the Future of Business

Today there are more ways than ever for customers and leads to contact your business. Customers want to be able to choose which channel they use. And they will reward you if you give them the option. In a study by the Aberdeen Group, businesses providing service over a multitude of channels had a customer retention […]

Live response February 18, 2019
Live Response Means More Sales, Less Costs

If you have been involved in business for any length of time, whether it is marketing, sales, customer service or any other aspect of operations, you might have heard of a million different ‘next best things’ or new approaches. So, I know what you are thinking, here’s another empty promise of all kinds of benefits, […]

Live response February 10, 2019
Why Live Chat Works for Millennials

Millennials love to be connected, and they want it at their fingertips. 58% expect to engage with a brand whenever they choose. The irony is that we are more “connected” than ever before, but we may be making things more impersonal. Automation is becoming increasingly popular. We can order a bunch of flowers for our mum […]

Live response January 21, 2019
Overcoming Language Barriers with Live Chat

With technology advancing, it has been easier to communicate with each other, no matter which part of the world you are in. It has also given businesses a lot of opportunities to expand their reach in terms of geographic location. However, that has also brought new challenges, and one of them is language. This challenge […]

Live response December 29, 2018
A Guide to Predefined Responses

Predefined responses are previously saved replies that can be triggered automatically or sent by agents during support conversations. They help to save time as agents don’t have to type out commonly occurring responses and communication over and over again. Predefined responses are a great way of increasing the speed of your service and therefore consumer […]

Live response December 10, 2018
The Psychology of Emojis in Live Customer Service

Emojis are cute, and they make conversations fun. Recently, customer service teams have been using them in customer interactions. Is this just a passing trend or are they effective? Are they even appropriate in business settings? Let’s look at some facts and figures: Posts with emojis get more shares than those without them according to […]

Live response November 19, 2018
Making the Most of Live Support This Holiday

The Holidays are a busy time for online business owners, with 60% of shoppers planning on using the internet for gifts this year. In such a busy time, anything that can make it easier for your business to supply more customers, whilst keeping impeccable customer service, can only be a good thing. Live support software […]

Live response October 28, 2018
How to Increase Your First Contact Resolution Rate

First contact resolution (or FCR) rate is how often you solve a customer’s issue the first time you speak to them. The average FCR rate for live customer support is currently 66%. It is one of the most important factors for measuring consumer satisfaction level. In our fast-paced world, customers want issues to be resolved […]

Live response October 17, 2018
How Can Live Customer Support Supercharge Your Real-Time Marketing Strategy

The fast development of technology in the 21st century has been transforming businesses digitally. Add to that the rising demands of the modern consumer for real-time solutions to their questions and problems. Real-time marketing was born to meet those demands. One of the most effective and most preferred real-time marketing methods is live customer support […]

Live response October 3, 2018
Power Up Your Live Customer Support with the Right Language

According to the latest 2018 statistics on customer service, 62 percent of customers said that they will return to a website with live support features. Moreover, the same report also revealed that people who love to chat spend 60 percent more than those who do not. However, no matter how promising the statistics look, using […]

Live response September 21, 2018
Save Money with Live Customer Support

Live customer support is fast becoming the must have feature for online businesses. It allows you to give excellent customer service, increases conversions and repeat business. But the bottom line is that it can help your bottom line, significantly. Some of the benefits of live response is that you can solve multiple problems at time, […]

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