February 10th, 2020

If Live Support Were A Super-Hero

If Live Support Were A Super-Hero

Now, I’m not saying that live support software is so powerful that it has superhuman abilities, that can only have come from another planet or created in a freak accident. But it can be a pretty powerful addition to your business, and it got us to thinking: If it were a superhero, what kind of abilities would it have? Some heroes are super-fast, while others have powers of the mind or super-human strength. It turns out that live support could have quite a range:



We can safely assume superheroes have strong empathy skills anyway, else they wouldn’t be out saving the innocent and putting their powers to good use. But some have highly honed psychological faculties that allow them to get inside the minds of others and really see things from their side. One of the benefits of live response is that it gives your staff the opportunity to flex their empathy skills. Live 1-to-1 conversations can give them a chance to see things from a customer’s point of view and show that they care.


Build Trust

Following on from our last point. Superheroes have to have the public behind them, they have to trust them. Trust can be important to get people to invest in your business and using empathy skills and having one-to-one conversations through live support could help to build this.



Some heroes can do everything super quickly, throwing you up in the air, saving someone from being hit by a car, taking a sip from their drink and then coming back to catch you all in one breath. Another benefit (power) of live response is that it can have a high customer service speed. Customers can connect to an agent that can help them in a matter of clicks, 24 hours around the clock if you have the staffing budget.



Some heroes can deal with multiple bad guys at the same time, whilst driving a car and eating a bagel. With live support, agents can help out more than one customer at a time. This means they can be more productive, and customers don’t have to spend too long waiting.


Get the Perfect Sidekick


A superhero is only as strong as his sidekick. If they aren’t there to spot incoming trouble or to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong, who else will? A live support strategy needs a strong software to help it perform at its best, optimizing that high customer service speed and all the other lovely benefits. Xeno live support software is a great sidekick. With omni-channel capabilities to meet your customers where they are, all messages consolidated into one place to make multitasking easy and a stunning chatbox for a professional finish. Recruit your sidekick today.




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