March 2nd, 2020

10 Super Cool Features of Xeno

10 Super Cool Features of Xeno

Live support can be a powerful addition to many aspects of your business. Did you know that it could help to attract new leads, convert them into customers and even to keep them with you, once they have invested in your business.

And Xeno is a quality live support software that has a host of super cool features to help you maximize these benefits:




1.     Omnichannel Capabilities

Today, leads can be found across a multitude of different channels and platforms. With Xeno you can reach out to your customers on their preferred channels, offering compatibility with Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.

2.     Stunning Chatboxes

Branding is still an important part of your marketing strategy. Xeno provides professional finish chatboxes that are visible, yet unobtrusive to compliment the look of your website.




3.     Self-powered CRM

Keeping your contacts organized can help to make your process more efficient. Xeno automatically adds contacts to an enriched address book so that your staff can concentrate on conversion.

4.     Auto ID’s

Xeno automatically identifies customers by name and any other details you like. This can let agents know if leads are qualified or not when trying to sell your product.




5.     Customer-orientated Ticketing

In a busy customer service environment, unresolved issues may be overlooked, this feature helps to ensure that all issues are organized and sorted out, allowing agents to mark messages as resolved or unresolved. Helping to ensure nothing gets missed and keep up a high customer service speed.

6.     Screen Sharing

Reducing effort for customers is the name of the game. And Xeno has a number of features to make things as simple as possible. Screensharing can help to quickly resolve customer problems as agents can see exactly what is happening for customers, saving them having to explain with words.

7.     Surveys

It’s important to keep on top of what your customers think of your business and continually optimize it. With Xeno you can create post-chat surveys with quantitative and qualitative questions.

8.     Analytics

Xeno’s analytics can also help you to monitor what is going on behind the scenes and make bright business decisions based on brilliant data.


It’s Not All About the Customer


Aside from all the lovely features that benefit customers, Xeno also has many that make things easier and more efficient for your team:

9.     Collaborative Team Inbox

All team members and contacts can be consolidated into one team inbox. Here you can define teams, schedules and more.

10.  Chat Transcript

When a customer query needs to be transferred from one agent to another, you can send a full email transcript of a previous conversation in just ONE CLICK. Helping staff to quickly resolve problems and maintain a high customer service speed.


Get Started with Xeno Today

So, what are you waiting for, get stuck in with Xeno, quality live support software that could help you to generate more customers and keep them. Choose from Satellite or Lunar Rover packages, sign up for a free trial today.

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