Live response March 16, 2020
Why Live Chat Should Be A Top Priority for Your Marketing Goals In 2020

No matter what your marketing goals are for 2020, you need to find a system that offers immediate responses to meet immediate responses. Why is that? Well, according to a study done by Nature communication, the collective attention span of people in the world is decreasing, thanks to the abundance of information and availability of […]

Live response March 2, 2020
10 Super Cool Features of Xeno

Live support can be a powerful addition to many aspects of your business. Did you know that it could help to attract new leads, convert them into customers and even to keep them with you, once they have invested in your business. And Xeno is a quality live support software that has a host of […]

Live response February 19, 2020
4 Predictions for The Future of Customer Communication

Technology is moving at a rapid rate and the way businesses operate is reflecting this. Do you wonder how customer communication will look in 50 years’ time? Will we be speaking through telepathy while driving in our hover cars? Or be put through to a customer support agent with a simple hand gesture? Maybe there […]

Live response February 10, 2020
If Live Support Were A Super-Hero

Now, I’m not saying that live support software is so powerful that it has superhuman abilities, that can only have come from another planet or created in a freak accident. But it can be a pretty powerful addition to your business, and it got us to thinking: If it were a superhero, what kind of […]

Live response January 22, 2020
5 Ways Improving Your Live Response Can Directly Impact Your Customer Service

The customer is the most important person in a business, and every successful CEO knows that. That is why, for example, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and the richest man in the world always leaves a seat in every board meeting empty for the customer. Now, I’m not saying you should be obsessive in […]

Live response January 6, 2020
Interplanetary Support: The Future of Communication?

It’s the year 3000, civilization has come a long way over the past 1000 years. After inventing a chemical that makes even the most inhospitable atmosphere able to support human life, the population of earth spread itself across the Solar System. Sun worshippers heading for Mars and those that loved to ski and snowboard setting […]

Live response December 15, 2019
The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Chat

Many top organizations agree and understand that the customer is the most important member of any company. More important than the IT guy, the marketer, and even the CEO. It should go without saying then that active service to your customer should be your top priority as a company. To do this, you must always […]

Live response November 26, 2019
Live Like the Stars: Give Your Customers Their Own PA

Do you sometimes wish you could afford to hire a personal assistant for your life? Someone to organize your schedule for you, do all your life admin and sort out any problems, so you don’t have to deal with them? Blockbuster Hollywood actor style? You may not be able to afford your own PA but […]

Live response September 30, 2019
A Helping Hand: 8 Xeno Features that Make Life Easy

Live support is fast becoming a popular choice for online businesses. Bridging the gap between old school customer service and the digital self-serve age, it offers a humanized customer experience, all from the comfort of one’s own home. Your business is as strong as the tools it uses, and a quality live support software such […]

Live response September 16, 2019
How to Write FAQs: A Recipe

Do you want to cook up a storm with your FAQ page? Strong FAQ pages may save your business time and money, help with conversion and even SEO. But you have to use the right ingredients, in the right order if you want to get the maximum benefit. Once you’ve prepared your delicacy you can […]

Live response August 26, 2019
Step Up Your Connections: Increasing Engagement in Live Support Software

You could have the most amazing restaurant, with a unique and delicious menu, but if people don’t know where your restaurant is, or it isn’t visible to them from the high street, your efforts may be wasted. In a similar way, live support is an excellent customer service tool that can allow you to quickly […]

Live response July 22, 2019
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Complimenting FAQs with Live Support

A strong FAQ page is an important part of optimizing your website for conversion. In fact, Neil Patel describes it as “one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel”. It can help to answer questions that would otherwise leave customers on the brink of purchasing, strengthen trust in your brand, reassure leads and even help […]

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