October 20th, 2020

How to Improve Conversational Experiences with AI


Conversational experiences are an important factor to focus on for any business that provides customer services. They are a staple for providing quality customer experiences which ultimately leads to customer retention and more sales. It’s a win-win!


But, how do you provide these conversational experiences for every single customer? Moreso, how do you do it in a way that is uniform and in line with your band?


The answer is simple: AI technology!


How AI Works

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. There are different types of AI but ultimately we’re going to discuss how they power chatbots. 


AI-powered chatbots (like Xeno’s for example) use natural language processing (NLP) to be able to intellectually talk and interact with your customers like a live person would. It also uses Small Talk technology to be able to discuss with customers briefly about trivial stuff such as the weather (think Siri or Alexa).


Chatbots can then benefit you and your business in many ways. First off, it saves you time! Chatbots keep you from having to be vigilant for potential customer communication 24/7. They also provide you with a log of everything discussed that you can always keep and refer to later.


Chatbots are also easy to implement! They can save you time and money with you barely having to lift a finger. 


With a tool such as Xeno, your chatbot is easy to use on your website and comes with a whole host of other features like knowledge bases, multiple communication channels, and a collaborative team inbox.


Why it Works

Now, the idea of a conversational chatbot might sound good, but you may still be wondering why it is the way to go to provide more conversational experiences.

The first reason is one we already listed: it does the work for you! Now you don’t have to worry about receiving communication from a customer having issues at times where you aren’t in front of your computer. And that means quicker responses and happier customers.


Second, chatbots open up communication to customers you would not normally be able to communicate with. For instance, you could get a message from a client who speaks Chinese, a language you don’t know how to communicate in.


Instead of stressing over translating messages or things getting lost in translation, thanks to Xeno’s multilingual design, your chatbot already knows how to speak that language and can communicate clearly and effectively to your customer on your behalf.

Another way chatbots work to provide better conversational experiences is by going a step further beyond what a human normally would. With knowledge bases for your chatbot to pull from, not only can it give your customers the information they need, but it can also give them information that they didn’t know they needed.


By recommending different posts that could interest your contact, your chatbot can keep your customer interested, attentive, and excited to continue using your product or services, which is ultimately what we are all aiming to do.


So whenever you are ready to start providing conversational experience to your customers, you know what you need to do! Turn to a chatbot!

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