June 11th, 2021

It’s all in the Prep: Social Media Scheduling

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Do you plan your content schedule for the month, schedule your posts and then sit back and relax? Or do you think about it last minute, mash together an idea and post it whenever you think about it?

Planning and scheduling in advance are not always a bed of roses, but there are quite a few advantages to prepping in advance when it comes to Social Media:


Time Saving

If you are a small business owner and have to do everything yourself, you may simply not have the time to dedicate several hours a day to Media. Setting aside specific times to plan and schedule your posting, replying to comments, engaging etc. can help to ensure that your time spent on social media is productive. Not only does this save time but it also saves headspace, knowing that you don’t have to post something new every day can create space in your head to focus on other aspects of your business.



The algorithms of most popular platforms reward consistency, showing up regularly with content can help to increase post visibility and engagement. Planning in advance helps to ensure that you post regularly,  it reduces the chances of you forgetting to post one day or missing a day because it’s the weekend or illness etc.. 


Content Plan Positives

Creating a content schedule can help you to come up with ideas and put your mind at ease that you have enough ideas posts. You could have certain days with certain themes every week or a rotation, there are many options. It also makes it easier to repurpose content and not repeat posts (unless you want to) as you have an overview of the bigger picture, and a record of postings that you can see at a glance.


Long- Term Strategy

Content scheduling can help you to see trends and patterns when you are following a plan over a longer period instead of posting when you think about it. It can help to see what types of content, copy and images etc. are having good results and what isn’t. You can then use this info to plan more effectively for the future.


Outsourcing is an Easier Option 

While you can hire a Social Media Manager to take care of all of your social needs, if you are a small business with a lower budget you could work with a Social Media Assistant instead. This means that your social media strategy can still be guided by you and your ideas, but the actual everyday posting can be handled by someone else, and you don’t have to pay manager rates.


Social Media and Xeno

When you are running social media campaigns, customers are going to want to contact you in response to your posts, comments and ads. Xeno live support software has integrations with Facebook, Twitter and more, which means potential leads and existing customers can send messages directly from the social media apps you are marketing on. This keeps things simple for customers and can also reduce repetition when their queries are handled helping to increase consumer satisfaction.  

All communication from leads and customers is centralized in one place so your staff can read and reply to messages all from within Xeno, helping them stay organized and work to their optimum.


Wrapping it Up 

Preparing in advance can have a number of benefits when it comes to Social. It’s important to remember that in a world that moves quickly, with trends coming and going, ad hoc posting can have its uses too. But having the bulk of your strategy and posts planned in advance can help to relieve stress and optimize strategy. 

If you are considering complimenting your social media strategy with live support software, aside from its social platform integrations Xeno has a wealth of features to help make life easier for you and your staff, including a self-powered CRM, Knowledge Base, file sharing and much more.

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