October 14th, 2020

How to Create a Sustainable Remote Communication System


Remote communication is currently more important than it has ever been. Since the coronavirus has forced many businesses to move online, digital communication is the new standard and some are still struggling to find a sustainable system.


Creating a sustainable remote communication system can seem daunting, especially when there are a lot of moving parts to account for. If you have multiple channels of communication open, it can be difficult to respond in a timely and effective manner. 


Not to mention, if you have a sizable team working with you, communicating effectively with each other can be just as stressful.


The key to creating a sustainable remote communication system lies in planning ahead and using the proper tools.


Planning Ahead

When creating a sustainable remote communication system for your business, think ahead to what you want the final result to be.


Ask yourself these questions: How many lines of communication will you have open? What kind of things will be communicated? Who will you be communicating with? How quickly will communication need to take place?


Chances are, you’ll have complicated answers to these questions, but you will probably start to see a pattern emerge that will guide you through the rest of the process.


For example, you may find that you need a way to communicate with clients or customers, as well as your staff. You may also want to have several different points of initial communication to have ease of access and a way to save, catalog, and filter each communication for future use.


Once you know these things, you can then start to plan the different tools you will need.


For instance, if you need to communicate with customers looking to troubleshoot, you may want to install a chatbox on your website. And if you need to save information from the communications, you may need to find a way to compile it in a database.


Utilizing Tools

Now that you know all the different components that you need, you can get to work in setting it all up!


Before you go and start implementing several different individual tools to separately handle things like live chats, databases, and emails, think about how they can be used together. Will these separate apps communicate with each other? Or will you need to manually go back and forth between them?


If they don’t already work simultaneously together, then you may run into issues in the long run. Sustainable remote communication works best when all your necessities are in one place. That means you can talk to customers and your team all in one place where you can also save and organize data.


The good news is, there is already a program that does all of that! You can use Xeno to do all of this, and so much more! Not only does Xeno take care of all the communication and data storage for you, but it also offers extra features like an automatic chatbot, as many knowledge bases as you want, and ways to filter and send messages in house.


If you’re ready to finally stop fretting about your remote communication system, then try Xeno!

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