Convert customers November 18, 2019
Trust Signals: The Secret Sauce for Conversion?

Converting can be hard. Driving people along the funnel, taking them from interest to purchase, until you strike gold (or dollars). Building trust is one of the things that can help you to convert. There are some things you can add to your website that may help to build this: trust signals. They come in different […]

Convert customers October 14, 2019
The Sorcery of Conversion: How Live Support Could Help

Do you feel like converting leads into customers is some kind of magic? Well, live support could be the magical touch you need to help turn your conversion rate around. There are actually a lot of similarities between how magicians and live support operates. Magicians have a quick touch, are loved by many and are […]

Convert customers August 11, 2019
Maximize Your Honey Haul

Its summertime and the bees are buzzing back and forth, collecting pollen to make into honey. Just like businesses work hard to try and take leads from interest to purchase, turning them into customers. There are factors that make it easier to produce honey, and in a similar way there are tools business owners can […]

Convert customers June 5, 2019
Speak Their Language! Connect Better with Your Potential Customers

Going the extra mile is the name of the game when it comes to converting leads into taking action and becoming your customers. One of the best ways to do it is using communication. If you are trying to conquer new markets abroad, the way your company can go the extra mile with customer communication […]

Convert customers May 27, 2019
RIP Email Flippers; Live Chat as the New Cool Kid on the Block!

So here you are, brainstorming how to push your leads to take action? You are at a crossroads, contemplating whether to order everything on the menu or focus your attention and appetite on a couple of chefs specialities. Let’s discuss the matter!   The menu Your traditional list of options to harass leads into becoming […]

Convert customers May 20, 2019
Conversion Rate Optimization: How Live Chat Can Help

No one likes the idea of missed opportunities. The beautiful person that passed you on the street, the lotto ticket that you didn’t buy. Or more specifically here, the customer that visited your website but left without buying. There are some best practices to follow that could help to get your website converting nicely, taking […]

Convert customers April 15, 2019
Chat Them Up: How To Convert Human Contact Into a Purchase

Is it possible? Is it true? People like human interaction even in the day and age when most of us watch our phones until they stop ringing before sending the caller the “Why did you call?” SMS? Well, when we are deciding where to spend our money, the answer is yes.   Communication Can Set […]

Convert customers March 20, 2019
5 FAQ about how to convert leads to loyal customers

You need customers. Every company needs customers. However, the progression from customer attraction to customer conversion can often be tedious, painful, and costly for most businesses. Twenty-first-century shoppers are well-informed and have more options than at any point in history. Thus, businesses have learned that generating traffic alone does not automatically lead to purchase from […]

Convert customers February 25, 2019
All Aboard: Using Live Support in Onboarding

Customer onboarding is the process of welcoming new customers into your business once you have taken them from interest to purchase, helping them to get the most out of your product and addressing any issues they may have. Done well, this can lead to more sales and may help to lower churn rate. The personal […]

Convert customers February 4, 2019
4 Questions that Will Help You Convert Leads Faster

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. However, a lead gen campaign that is deemed successful is one that shows conversion. In other words, your lead generation efforts are nothing if you cannot turn your prospects into buying customers. Many marketers will tell you that timing has a lot to do with lead conversion. […]

Convert customers January 13, 2019
What is a CRM? And How Does It Help Conversion?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In short, it is a software system that brings together communication and data from all areas of your business: marketing, sales and customer service — integrating them into one place so you can more efficiently run your business. As your business grows, CRMs can take the stress out of […]

Convert customers December 26, 2018
Understanding and Converting the Most Difficult Buyer

Every business always faces the challenge of buyers who seem difficult to convert. For these types of buyer, they can’t just make a decision right away for several reasons. One, they need to have a good reason why they need a product or a service. Two, they spend less before they even hit their buying […]

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