June 5th, 2019

Speak Their Language! Connect Better with Your Potential Customers

Speak Their Language!

Going the extra mile is the name of the game when it comes to converting leads into taking action and becoming your customers.

One of the best ways to do it is using communication. If you are trying to conquer new markets abroad, the way your company can go the extra mile with customer communication is by communicating in the native language of your leads. Let’s explore this topic and go over some questions.


Is Communication Always Vital?

No matter what you have heard about artificial intelligence and smart chatbots, it’s not the way of the future when it comes to sales. We can call them leads, tunas, squids or any other fun dehumanizing name, but the fact remains: they are people. They are your potential customers, and they would prefer to be treated like humans by a human.

Chatbots are excellent aid with the initial contact and are helpful to determine which member of your team will be best suited to continue the conversation. However, using bots and AI for all lead and customer interactions is a surefire way of alienating your base. The art of closing the deal is within human interactions. A chatbot is  not able to drive the conversation about someone’s problems or needs and offer up the solutions the same way other human can.


Is Communication Always Possible?

The biggest authorities on human interactions would say that good communication is key to a satisfactory life. Who are we to disagree with marriage counselors? Imagine the world where you could simply input whatever your spouse is saying into some app and get the problem translated into some form of content you understand… So much money saved on therapy. Do you even dare to dream about that kind of utopia?

In business, unlike marriage, there are some tools that can help you communicate with the other party better. You actually get to save on the expensive therapist, I mean translators, and increase your conversion rates with a few steps. Some of them we already discussed, like training your support and marketing teams. If you are looking to conquer new markets abroad, you should focus on the needs and problems of the potential new customers and the solutions you might offer them. One of the worries you can definitely cross off your list is the language barrier. Indeed, there is a tool that automatically translates the messages your potential new customers send to your team and it’s one of the free features of Xeno. The responses your team types on their native languages will also automatically show in your leads search engine set language. We go into more details here.


Is That All The Doctor Prescribed?

Is there a better way of increasing online shop conversion rates than to expand your business and conquer new markets backed with such fun and useful tools like Xeno? We dare you to come up with some. And we encourage you to share them with us on our live chat with our team. Is this a clever way of getting you to try out some of our cool free features? Oh my, we would never…

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