May 27th, 2019

RIP Email Flippers; Live Chat as the New Cool Kid on the Block!

RIP Email Flippers; Live Chat as the New Cool Kid on the Block!

So here you are, brainstorming how to push your leads to take action? You are at a crossroads, contemplating whether to order everything on the menu or focus your attention and appetite on a couple of chefs specialities. Let’s discuss the matter!


The menu

Your traditional list of options to harass leads into becoming new customers: the Web, emails, calls, live chats on your site and also on social media platforms. If you don’t have infinite money to spend on marketing you will be faced with a choice. What is the best investment for achieving your goal, turning leads into customers?


Better Call Saul?

Is your target group over the age of 65? No? Drop the calls, there are better wastes of money out there, if you are already so committed to wasting it. Call center style of marketing is also not for you if you would like a cost efficient way of doing business.


The spider’s Web

Depending on your ad placement strategy, this could be a good way to get the attention of potential customers. Pull inspiration from the grocery stores that conveniently place wine, cat food and meals for one in the same isle. Knowing the broad strokes of your potential customers’ online behavior will help you with ad placements. The foundations of a successful ad campaign are the understanding of the product or service you are offering and who your ideal customer is. So this would be a good place to spend some of your marketing budget.



Ok, so maybe email marketing is not really dead. It’s still a valid and profitable way of reaching potential customers. But only if done well, only if done with a real strategy in mind and serious investment in a team of well trained and educated marketers. If one of those conditions is left unfulfilled it can cause harm to your marketing efforts. Email marketing has slower conversion rates than the menu item we saved for the end. And with that we arrive at…


 Live Customer Chat!

The best of a couple of worlds. The personal interaction with your potential customer is the fastest way of converting leads. Whether you have your website customer chatbox active or you chat with your leads on your social media, few tools can beat the effectiveness of closing online deals via live response. With live chat you can find out the exact problem your potential customer is trying to fix and offer the best suited solution. Unlike emails and web ads, you are able to address the specific concern of your lead and that will make a big difference. While other options for marketing your products require a lot of thought, planning ahead and investments, live chat features are easy and free.


Hope You Saved Room for Dessert

With some tools like Xeno you get much more than just one cool feature, but if adding them all  at once overwhelms you, start with the live chat and build your way from there. All of the features are useful but website customer chatbox is definitely essential for your business growth.

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