March 20th, 2019

5 FAQ about how to convert leads to loyal customers

5 FAQ about how to convert leads to loyal customers

You need customers. Every company needs customers. However, the progression from customer attraction to customer conversion can often be tedious, painful, and costly for most businesses.

Twenty-first-century shoppers are well-informed and have more options than at any point in history. Thus, businesses have learned that generating traffic alone does not automatically lead to purchase from consumers.

That is why companies and people across every sector are asking questions about how to convert consumers from leads to customers; how to progress from attracting customer interest to purchase, and how to communicate effectively with leads in a way that will influence them to favor your product/service above others.

This post will highlight the five commonly asked questions about leads conversion and the best answers to them.


What is a lead?

A lead is, quite simply, a prospective customer. A lead is a contact that satisfies your target audience and has the potential to patronize your product/service. A lead is someone whose information you have, who has shown significant interest in your business and can be willing to make purchasing action.

To illustrate: Mikey is a 40-year-old employee making his retirement plan. He filled in an online survey for people interested in a specific class of insurance; your company offers such insurance class. Mikey is your lead.

Some of the ways to generate leads is through online surveys, giveaways, and blog posts.


Are leads important?

Imagine if nobody indicated any interest in your business. Think about the growth of your company without any solid information about your target market and their behaviors.

Leads are vital to business in that, they give marketing direction and help you tailor your business and marketing plan to reflect the needs and aspirations of your customers.

Leads act as a business point of focus where you direct your marketing resources to convert strangers and prospective customers from indicating interest to purchase.


How can a lead become a loyal customer?

It is general marketing knowledge that consumers patronize businesses that fulfill their needs. A lead will remain a lead if there is no active step taken to shift them from leads to customers, and from interest to purchase.

Briefly, here is how to convert leads to customers:

  • Communication: going the extra mile with customer communication is a sure way to convert leads to customers. Follow through with quality newsletters, blog posts, and consistent interactions over social media help to make them feel valued;
  • Landing page: attracting leads to your website or platform will be fruitless if there is no hook or magnet to keep them glued to your offering. Thus, your platform ought to include CTAs (call-to-action), catchy headlines, and helpful tips that can tip your leads from interest to purchase, and therefore, loyal customers;
  • Product trial: inviting your leads to try out your products for free or at a discount will go a long way in converting them to customers;
  • Content and offers: free e-books for download, helpful tips, complete customer service with a feedback mechanism are critical to converting leads to customers.


How to create a communication link with a lead

Live chats, emails, newsletters, phone call, social media engagements, and coupon, etc. are some of the proven ways to communicate your leads.

Going the extra mile with customer communication indicates just how much you value their patronage. It, more than anything else, convinces your leads that you know what you are doing and that you are serious about doing business.

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A platform like Xeno provides a unique channel of communication with your leads. It has innovative and top-notch features that allow you to build a communication link that attracts, converts, and keeps customers for you.


What to do to sustain a lead

Many businesses are unable to sustain their leads for long (maybe you are in the same spot), and a lot of them are seeking answers to how they can keep their leads interested till final conversion to customers.

Sustaining leads is not rocket science, as you will learn here. It takes genuine attention to the needs of your prospective customers, their pain points, and how they like to be served to answer that question.

Leads are humans, and they like to be acknowledged and treated as such. Your interaction with your customer must feel organic and human for it to sustain them. You must address their problems. Your customer service and feedback must feel personal, prompt, and efficient.


Converting leads to Customers is Easy

Remember that leads are humans; they can see through any gimmick. Don’t appear unauthentic and/or pretentious. Converting consumers from leads to customers demand originality and a communication link that is responsive, helpful, and inspiring.

Xeno is specially created to optimize your communication line with your leads. It helps sustain their attraction to your business. Your business success is top of your priority and effectively interacting with your leads is one way to achieve it. Take charge with Xeno.

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