Attract customers December 17, 2018
Why Live Support and Inbound Marketing are a Good Fit

Outbound and inbound marketing are two very different beasts. WordStream defines outbound marketing as “any kind of marketing where a company initiates the conversation and sends its message out to an audience”. E.g. cold calling and email spamming. Whereas, with inbound marketing, you attract your customers towards you. Examples include SEO and content marketing. Inbound […]

Attract customers November 27, 2018
How to Utilize Twitter to Get More Leads

Social media has become a formidable tool marketers use to build their brand, promote their products and services, and to get more leads. Not only do they yield extraordinary results but they also cost less than the traditional approach. If you are planning to incorporate them into your lead generation campaign but have no idea […]

Attract customers November 5, 2018
Opt-In Forms vs. Live Support: Generating Leads

Collecting customer contact details through opt-in forms, and carefully nurturing leads, is a huge advancement from the cold email spamming of years ago. Permission marketing is much more cost-efficient and effective for turning visitors into leads. Opt-in forms do have their strengths for collecting the all-important deets: they can be short and sweet, their designs […]

Attract customers October 22, 2018
How to Set Up Your Live Chat as a Lead Generation Tool

Lead generation is the bloodline of every business—the more leads you have, the more opportunities for conversion. And there is a myriad of tool and strategies to help you with your lead generation endeavors. At the forefront of all these is the customer service tool or otherwise known as the live chat. Consider what it […]

Attract customers October 8, 2018
A Match Made in Heaven: Combining Content Marketing and Live Customer Support

“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well” — Robin Sharma. Words are what content marketing is all about. Using them to raise awareness of your business, offer value and build trust with potential leads. The most popular content marketing model is to give value and generate brand awareness through blog posts, and […]

Attract customers September 24, 2018
How to Utilize Data Driven Marketing to Generate Leads

Consumers these days are more informed as they have access to a wealth of information with just one click of a mouse. They then use that information to help them in making purchase decisions. In fact, a report from Forrester revealed that 74 percent of consumers in the B2B arena make a research first before […]

Attract customers September 10, 2018
Get with the Times: Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger

It makes sense to go where your audience is. The often-repeated quote from the Field of Dreams is that “If you build it they will come”, but social media platforms have already been built and a large section of society are already there. So, go there! For Facebook in particular, a survey by Pew Research Centre […]

Attract customers August 29, 2018
How to Transition MQLs to SQLs: Quantity vs. Quality

A lot of business owners think that if they get more leads, they can get more customers. In a perfect world, you sell your product and service, and people buy them. But in the real world, there are rejections. Sometimes, people show interest in what you offer, but it does not necessarily mean they will […]

Attract customers August 13, 2018
Convert Your Landing Page into a Great Lead Magnet

Standing out from competitors online can be very challenging. However, there are ways to get ahead of the game. Creating a high-converting landing page can definitely bring in some quality leads. Indeed, to separate your business from others, you need to offer something valuable to your prospects via your landing page. Create interest and excitement […]

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