June 26th, 2019

The Basics of Fishing: How to Catch a Lead

The Basics of Fishing: How to Catch a Lead

Hey there little fisherman. How’s it going? You got yourself a fresh new bait? Revamped the marketing strategy, trained your team, zeroed in on your target lead subgroup. Are they biting it?

Some of you are fishing modestly, using just one rod and are doing fine. You are operating a local business and that just works for you. However some of you are trolling, trapping and netting all at the same time. You are really a multitasker, good for you!


Getting overworked

Generating leads for small businesses in so many different ways and across all of the available platforms can be a real time consumer. Not to mention a drain to your finances. It’s not cheap nor quick to engage leads across your website, different social media channels, by email and calls, and not to forget, traditional marketing materials. This can be even more difficult if you are trying to increase the quality of your leads by engaging with them on a more personal level, as we already recommended here.

Your marketing team might struggle to efficiently work across so many different platforms. But why would they? Seriously, why? You can manage all of your baits with just one tool, automatically.


Make the bait work for you, not the other way around

“Leads of the world, unite!”

Under Xeno’s cool omni-channel feature that is. It allows you to unify your lead and customer communication across all channels from one single spot!

Connect Xeno to all of your emails, websites, socials and it will keep all of your fishing and baiting just a couple of clicks away from you.

Having it all at your fingertips will help your marketing team cut their response time, keep them on track and help them with consistency of following the marketing strategy you have set up.

It might seem like a small convenience and change, but the small ways in which you optimize your day to day tasks can add up to a sum of making or breaking the business at the end.


All is Fish That Comes to His Net

As a small or medium size business owner your most important tasks is to figure out a cost effective and profitable business plan. Running your operation smoothly and with the least hiccups possible will help you maximise your profits. Xeno believes in supporting your dreams and helping the growth of small businesses. Not just with this omni-channel feature but with a whole platform and a wide range of features that will help you with your lead generation and customer services for free. Say “hi” to us at our live chat and let’s start a conversation!

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