July 7th, 2019

How to Fish Leads in the Big Blue Ocean

How to Fish Leads in the Big Blue Ocean

What is a lead? Do you need a lead? Where does one identify a lead? Does a lead lead? Most importantly, is it edible? Let me unlock the magic of the leads upon you…

Or let’s just make me be a normal person for five minutes and I’ll try to communicate to you, to the best of my abilities, my marketing wisdom I gathered thus far.


A Lead

Is a thing you need to pitch your latest sales scheme to. But best not to call it a thing. It’s a person. Not a phone number or an email list you just purchased for those cold pitches. And just like a real person, our person has character, wants, needs and problems. And if you are offering a specific solution to those wants, needs and problems, then you earned a right to qualify that person as a lead.


Identifying a Lead

So, we have established you will not be calling random people on the internet, or elsewhere leads. You are above that. Meaning you are smart enough to know now, that leads need to qualify for the title. And that simply means you need to know your product well enough to identify what kind of person would benefit from such a product. So you should identify your leads and visualize them with certain characteristics, lifestyle, depending on the product, country or ethnicity.


Stop Blindly Fishing for Leads

How can you catch a tuna if you are fishing in a lake? Now that you know your product well enough to know it will work best on catching tuna, it’s probably a good idea to get informed on the tunas favorite whereabouts. No point in wasting your bait on some squids or any other group but the one you have concluded you’ve got the best chance of converting. Don’t waste your recourses for a shot in the dark. Focus on the leads you qualified as such.


It Is Not a Tuna, It’s a Person! Make Your Lead Feel Special

Getting back to the reality of not mistaking leads for tunas or squids, you are here. You know your product, you know the person that is the most likely to respond to your offerings. Now is the time to make them feel special again. Business is not just a numbers game. That’s bad business. Good ones are about the people and meeting their needs, and making every customer feel special for interacting with that specific business. And that is the right way of turning leads to customers, to loyal ride or die fans of your products.

Relationships built on the foundations of trust and making solutions for existing clients problems, or reaching out to people with the problems you know you’ve got the solutions to, will separate you from the tons of those who just use broad nets, throw them without thinking and just wait to see what happens.

Do you want to know what happens?

Inconsistency, financial instability.

Long term problems that could have been avoided if only they did not take the shortcut of not knowing why they are looking for in the first place.


Smart Tip for Pro Fishermen!

Use tools such as Xeno to improve your customer experience and satisfaction by utilizing the features such as live chat or sending surveys. Live support chat will help you with connecting with your leads and customers on the spot while surveys allows you to gather the real opinion of your customers about your product or services. Xeno is free and simple, so why not give it a try!

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