August 6th, 2019

Lead Generation vs Lead Engagement

Lead Generation vs Lead EngagementThere appears to be a shift in recent years from lead generation to lead engagement. It’s not enough to simply gather leads and hope that they will convert to customers. You need to provide them with the correct information at the right time, qualify and nurture them, driving towards that sale.

Live support software can help to assist this process, helping you to deliver relevant content, build trust and optimize your strategy.

Here are some tips for lead engagement:


Understand Your Customer

Lead engagement is focused on the customer. You need to really get to grips with what your customers want and the buyer’s journey. How is your company viewed through their eyes? Take the time to build your buyer personas. A buyer persona is essentially your ideal client. Neil Patel describes them as “a representation of your target customer’s preferences and behavior as they shop and interact with your online business.”Once you have this, you can structure your customer journey from there.


Come from Different Angles

Just as it makes sense to have a multi-channel customer support service, engaging leads from multiple channels could increase your visibility and meet leads where they are hanging out the most. However, recommends not complicating things by using too many different systems.


Qualify your Leads

Lead qualification can be described as working out if a lead has a need for your product and the means to buy it. And as Lead Boxer puts it so well:“Lead qualification is important because it saves you time, energy, and ultimately your bottom line.” If you know which leads may turn into customers, you could focus your energy on engaging them and nurturing them towards sale, instead of wasting time on those that aren’t interested or don’t have the budget.


Optimize Your Process

Find out what is working for you when it comes to lead engagement and what is not. Make use of the metrics and analytics you have at your disposal and find out from leads and customers what they think of your funnel. Use this information to optimize your process. There is no one size fits all approach, what works for your company may not work for others and vice versa.


Live Support and Lead Engagement

Live support can be a great medium for engaging with leads and nurturing them:

  • A large part of engagement is delivering relevant content. You can use chat conversations to build up a bigger picture of leads interests and needs.
  • You can find leads opinions in conversation or through post chat surveys.
  • Engagement is important because it helps to build trust. Communicating with leads through personal one-on-one conversations can be great for this.


Amaze and Engage

It’s not enough just to generate leads, you want to find good quality ones and then engage with them, moving them along your sales funnel. Hopefully our suggestions will help with this. Live support could help you to engage, and a quality support software can help to make this easier to do. Xeno offers omni-channel support so you can communicate with leads wherever they are (Messenger, Email, iOS etc.) and a consolidated inbox to keep track of it all. It has a help center that can help leads learn more about your product, and easy to set-up predefined responses to help keep your service running quickly and smoothly.

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