February 3rd, 2020

The World in 3000: Lead Generation Factors That Will Remain Constant

The World in 3000: Lead Generation Factors That Will Remain Constant

Some 30 years ago, no one would have believed that the whole process of marketing and selling would be as easy as it is today; with social media and email marketing making lead generation and communication with your leads a smooth and easy process, as opposed to buying space on newspapers for ads and mailing sales letter to leads.

Unfortunately, marketing has gotten a bit harder today as there are millions of ads and products online for your target audience, so you have to work to stand out from the crowd. Research has shown that leads have little tolerance for unnecessary ads because of the overload of information in this age. You have to do extra with your marketing to generate leads today.

If you are a business person and you are worried that it is going to be much harder for your marketing to stand out in the future, this article is for you. I am going to share with you some constant factors that have worked for the early fathers of marketing, are still working today, and will continue to work till the year 3000, even if Isaac Asimov’s stories come true, and humanoid robots live and walk all over the earth.


Creation of Relatable Content

We have been told, times without number, how making customers feel special and going the extra mile with customer communication are most important for keeping the best customers on your side and loyal to you. While these are very important, if you are interested in lead generation, what is most important in generating leads that will turn to customers who will be loyal to you, whether now or in a thousand years from now, is showing that you are someone they can relate to.

In the future, it is expected that there would be more of video content and text-to-voice searches on search engines. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to involve small humanoid robots talking, make sure you always find a way to communicate to your leads that you understand the depth of their problem, and that you can relate to them.


Creation of Honest Content

Notice how everything has something to do with communication with your leads using valuable content? It’s because it is THAT important. Now, if communication with leads is that important, why would you want to lie to them? You will be caught and called out for your scam, especially in the year 3000 when tracking technology would be much better and faster than today.

Don’t falsify results in your content and be careful not to over-exaggerate or your leads will catch you eventually and toss you out like a dirty rag before you get the chance to sell them on working with you. When creating a video or audio content for the future, always remember to tell the truth, and you will generate more loyal leads and customers that way.


Giving Help For Free

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about running a charity organization. I’m talking about providing a quick insight through resources like podcasts, video content, etc. to whet your leads’ appetites for more. Personally, before I registered for any digital marketing course, I downloaded lots of free resources online and consumed them. These resources whet my appetite for more resources, and through these resources, many of those people who sold courses and from whom I had downloaded these resources were able to reach me and get me to register for a few courses.

It doesn’t matter if the year is 2019 or 3000, people’s love for freebies is always high. In fact, it seems to increase every year. If you can give them insights in your free resources (which should be more of video and audio content than written because that’s where the world is headed towards) that prove to be effective in their lives, you will stand out from the crowd and generate more loyal leads and customers.


Final Word: If You Use Live Chat, You Are Already in the Future

Many gurus have said it before, and I’m going to say it again. Going the extra mile with customer communication is one sure way to stay relevant, no matter the year. Live chat makes this possible today. Live chat is one of the best marketing tools you can wield at this time, and it is definitely a tool for the future, as it helps in making customers feel special (leads too) when their nagging questions are answered in a split second.

Xeno offers the best live chat service available, and it is easy to get started with them. Visit this link to get started with Xeno and place yourself in the future before other little youngsters (and robots) think of taking the future from you.

Also remember that while these factors never change, the tools required by these factors might be a bit different. Stay updated and focus on whatever technology works best, but do not neglect these basic human principles for lead generation and marketing in general.

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