Keep customers January 27, 2020
Signs of a Satisfied Customer: How to Know if Your Customer is Happy or Not

Many top businessmen in the world say that the customer is the most important part of any business, and it’s true when you think in tandem with them. This is because all decisions are driven by the customers desires, whether old or new, and you must keep up with them or you are going to […]

Keep customers January 20, 2020
The First Date: Building a Lasting Relationship

Have you ever been on a bad first date? Some people may prefer to give a second chance, but usually a bad first date means there won’t be a another one. And definitely no long-term relationship. But we got to thinking and we’ve realized that there is a similarity between pulling off a good first […]

Keep customers January 15, 2020
Keeping Your Customers Loyal to Your Business in a World Where Technology Rules

Picture the world 100 years from now. Elon Musk has successfully colonized Mars and everyone has mastered space travel. With just a single button, you can transport yourself to McDonalds in Mars and have some coke and fries with some alien bugs. What does it look like in your mind? Cool, right? What about your […]

Keep customers January 13, 2020
5 Reasons a Customer will Ditch Your Business for Another

Why do some customers buy from you only once and never return? Many startups face this problem. They manage to acquire a customer or two but lose them after the customer has made the first purchase. If you are part of this group, and you are wondering why your best customers are ditching you for […]

Keep customers December 30, 2019
Qualitative vs Quantitative Data? What is All the Fuss About?

Do you hear the words qualitative and quantitative data get mentioned a lot when reading about feedback and how to reduce churn? Do you just skip over them as you don’t really understand what they mean? Well, do not fear as we’ve put together a quick description with examples. Feedback is a key component in […]

Keep customers December 15, 2019
Lessons in Customer Retention from Some of the World’s Top Businesses

There is something more important than getting a new customer, and it is not getting two new customers. It is having happy customers who are loyal enough to choose your brand every single time. Research has shown that it is way cheaper to keep an existing customer than get a new one, and we also […]

Keep customers December 13, 2019
Why the Concern for Churn?

Do you feel like every article you read nowadays is about churn? Maybe… but have you wondered why so many people talk about it and why it seems so important? Well, there are a few reasons. It can be cheaper to keep existing customers than to get new ones, you can have a better success […]

Keep customers December 2, 2019
Can Chatbots Reduce Churn?

Churn is an important factor for many businesses. In fact avoidable churn is costing US businesses $136 billion a year.  There are a few schools of thought on how to stop people from leaving you, but have you ever thought of the effect chatbots could have? Chatbots can help to increase customer satisfaction, improve onboarding […]

Keep customers November 13, 2019
Keep a Clean Sheet: Tips for Increasing FCR

Even if you aren’t into soccer, I’m sure you have heard this expression: keeping a clean sheet. This is when the goalkeeper is yet to let in any goals. It’s quite an accolade and talked about a lot by commentators and fans. It can have a strong psychological effect on how you think the game […]

Keep customers November 11, 2019
Why You Should Focus More on Keeping Your Customers Than Acquiring New Ones

Generally speaking, there are only three ways to increase your revenue, no matter how big or small the company is: Increase the number of customers you have Increase your price Sell more to your existing customers Basically, it boils down to convincing your customers to buy more or to buy at a higher price, or […]

Keep customers November 4, 2019
How to Appreciate Your Customers

Everybody needs appreciation. In any relationship, all parties must feel valued. When you appreciate your customers, you make them feel special. You need to learn the art of appreciation to attract and keep new customers. Showing your customers gratitude after service is a sure bet to customer loyalty. A simple thank you note, or an […]

Keep customers October 29, 2019
Are angry customers making you lose business?

Have you ever received a message from a customer that made your head spin? When customers are fuming, it is essential to attend to customer problem resolution immediately. However, if you aren’t logged on to your customer management system or don’t have all your apps open, this may be difficult. So how do you build […]

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