Convert customers November 3, 2020
5 Reasons Our Marketo Integration is Epic for Your Business

Did you know? Xeno is currently preparing to launch its epic integration with Marketo this November. Xeno and Marketo are full of features to take your customer service and marketing game to the next level, getting lead information and turning visitors into leads and much more. Xeno provides instant live communication, consolidated in one place, […]

Convert customers June 24, 2020
How Brands can Reduce their Customer Acquisition Cost

  Customer acquisition cost (or CAC) is a metric that has been relegated to the background in many small businesses and brands. Many small businesses don’t understand what it means and how it affects their business, not to mention how to reduce it. CAC refers to the costs of sales and marketing that are generated from […]

Convert customers June 22, 2020
7 Important Metrics to Focus on for Effective Lead Conversion

The only way to run a business successfully is to constantly convert leads. This applies to every industry, from electronics to hemp and non-profit. No matter what you sell, your goal is to convince people who need it and are interested in it to buy it or act on it. You must push leads to […]

Convert customers May 11, 2020
5 Hacks to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Ahh the abandoned shopping cart. Can you imagine if it was as widespread in brick and mortar stores as it is online? Supermarket employees would not be happy! Unfortunately, it happens quite a lot online and businesses can lose a lot of yearly revenue because of it. But there are some steps you can take […]

Convert customers April 22, 2020
Cake Baking: A Recipe for Conversion

Cake baking is some kind of culinary wizardry isn’t it. You take some flour, eggs and sugar (and some other things) and in a few hours you have a taste sensation. Does converting leads also seem like a mystery to you? Could your conversion rate be improved? Live support has features that could help you […]

Convert customers April 20, 2020
3 Often Overlooked Methods That Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

At every point in a business life, the goal of the entrepreneur is to increase top line revenue. Doing this usually involves increasing the number of customers or improving the rate at which you push leads to take action, or simply put, the conversion rate. The art of closing the deal has always been a […]

Convert customers March 25, 2020
5 Important Factors That Make Lead Conversion Possible and Easy

Your conversion rate is the easiest way to rate your lead and customer interaction with your brand and tell if you are going to remain in business for much longer. In much simpler terms, if your conversion rate is low, you’ll be bankrupt soon. While many businesspeople understand why it is important to improve your […]

Convert customers March 9, 2020
5 Ways Live Support Can Help with Conversion

How good is your company at converting? Have you read countless articles about sales funnels and conversion rate optimization? But you could still do with some help taking leads from interest to purchase? Live support could be one avenue you are yet to explore? Live support software could help to increase your conversion rate for […]

Convert customers February 12, 2020
5 Creative Ways To Convert More Leads in 2020

The year 2020 is upon us, and if you are among the smart businesspeople, you want to increase your profits this year, and that involves thinking about new and creative ways to convert more leads this new year. This article will share with you five creative ways you can move prospects on your list from […]

Convert customers January 8, 2020
Lead Conversion: How To Get Ahead Of Technology In An Advanced World

If you wish for your business to survive in a hundred years, you must be smart about the system you use to move a lead from interest to purchase, or lead conversion. Every quarter, the systems through which digital marketing is done changes, and many entrepreneurs have to struggle to keep up. In this article, […]

Convert customers December 15, 2019
Which of These Five Mistakes Are You Making in Your Lead Conversion?

Lead conversion is the act of transforming a person from lead to customer in a business. It is probably the most important part of any marketing campaign, yet many business owners make lots of mistakes during this process that usually costs them a lot in revenue. In this article, we will share with you some […]

Convert customers December 9, 2019
Why Increase Your Conversion Rate

Having high traffic on your website is one thing; converting leads into customers is another. One would expect websites to master the art of conversion in business, but that is not always the case. Conversion rate is the backbone of sites in marketing. Here is how; if 6% of visitors in your websites take action […]

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