November 3rd, 2020

5 Reasons Our Marketo Integration is Epic for Your Business

Did you know?

Xeno is currently preparing to launch its epic integration with Marketo this November.

Xeno and Marketo are full of features to take your customer service and marketing game to the next level, getting lead information and turning visitors into leads and much more.

Xeno provides instant live communication, consolidated in one place, with video calling, screen-sharing and a range of analytics. Whilst Marketo is a marketing automation software with many capabilities to attract and convert prospects and more. Putting the two together makes for a super-powerful combination. 


While waiting for this upcoming launch, let’s take a look at how the integration could help your business: 

  1. Better Customer Service

    With our integration, you can save new customer information in Marketo and can also draw upon existing Marketo-stored information whilst in conversation. This means that you can offer a higher level of customer service as you can use this readily available information to personalize the interaction. Knowing who the customer is and having access to their conversation history with your organization also means that they don’t have to repeat information all over and you can get on with helping them straight away.

  2. Help with Conversion

    In addition to helping existing customers, the Xeno <> Marketo integration also helps in converting new customers. Information gained in Marketo can be used in Xeno conversations to move customers along the funnel and save you time and money. They may be able to see if the leads are qualified, what company they work for, who has spoken to them before? etc.

  3. Less Data Silos and Staff Cost

    The integration is two way – meaning when new information is added via Xeno, it is also automatically added to Marketo. This reduces missed sales opportunities or poor customer service due to silos and your staff don’t have to waste time inputting new info. It means that you have all the information you need to have on hand all the time.

  4.  Optimization 

    With the Marketo munchkin cookie, you can track every visitor digital journey to help you to optimize your customer service and marketing process.

  5.  Flexibility 

    You can set up actions from Xeno to trigger campaigns and other actions in Marketo automatically. E.g. If you collect new customer details, with their consent you could then start to nurture them with an email marketing campaign.


Wrapping it Up

Xeno and Marketo both have powerful features unique to them and that complement each other. Combining these two apps together can then save you time, money and optimize your marketing and customer service strategies. For details on how to integrate Marketo with Xeno, go here.  

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