October 24th, 2018

Combat Cart Abandonment with Live Support

Combat Cart Abandonment

Abandoned shopping carts are a big problem for online businesses. The average abandon rate was 78% in 2017. They are an expensive problem too as getting leads to that point in the sales funnel is not cheap.

There are a number of reasons customers abandon their cart, but luckily live support software can step in and save the day for a lot of them, pushing leads to take action:


Delivery Questions

With so many options available these days and differing wait times, delivery options can be confusing. So confusing in fact, that potential customers will give up entirely. Live support can help to combat this, passively or actively. You can have a chatbox in the corner of your page that a customer can click on themselves or you can set a timer to proactively engage after a certain amount of time. Having a live representative to help customers through the options can catch customers before they fall through your net.


Second Thoughts / Lack of Knowledge

Leads may get to the final stage of the decision-making process and have second thoughts about your product. They may have unanswered questions or just decide it’s not for them. The idea of trawling through pages of information about your product is enough to put anyone off. A representative can understand their needs and provide them with exactly what they need to know. They may even be able to push leads to take action by persuading them that your business is the one for them if they are sitting on the fence.

Smart Tip:
Xeno allows customers to type their query into the chatbox and get the answer right away if it is available in your company’s Q&A without even having to talk to a rep.


Technical Issues

In the modern world delayed satisfaction isn’t a concept most are familiar with. People want things and they want them now. But unfortunately, technology can go wrong. If a delivery option isn’t working or a page isn’t refreshing leads are likely to go to a competitor and get what they need. The immediacy of live customer support really helps here as customers can get help straight away, 24 hours around the clock (if you provide it). Taking them through to a sale before the moment is lost.


A Better Offer

Potential customers may simply find a better deal from a competitor. Talking to them directly allows you to find out if this is the case. Your representative may be able to offer a price match. If this is not part of your sales model, talking to a friendly and helpful sales rep in real time builds brand trust and may be enough to get the lead to choose your company over competitors regardless, taking them from lead to customer.


Payment Confusion

With so many payment options available today the more chance there is of something going wrong or customers inputting the wrong information at the wrong time. It may be something simple such as they have their account number and card number confused or they don’t know where to find their security code. Having a representative on hand to get another pair of eyes on the problem can help to take the visitor from lead to customer.


Don’t Leave Us This Way

Live customer support is brilliant for converting customers at the last minute before you see them disappear forever. Aside from the benefits mentioned, post-chat surveys and records of conversation are a great insight into what is and isn’t working for you and much easier than trying to rely purely on metrics and A/B testing. With a live support software such as Xeno you can set chatbox pop-up times with ease, copy and paste from relevant pages in your help centre and keep all your correspondence organised in one place, optimizing your abandoned cart strategy.

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