Xeno features

Live chat

Unlimited live messages.
Live chat with your leads, customers and partners on the spot wherever they are over the web (including your website) using a single tool: Xeno.


Unlimited communication channels.
From the same place: Xeno, communicate across all customer channels (shared email addresses, websites, Facebook, Twitter, iOS, Android, etc.).

Shared team inbox

Unlimited team members.
Bring all your contacts and team members together in one customer oriented workspace. Define teams, permissions, schedules, days off and routing rules.

Self-powered CRM

Unlimited contacts.
All your contacts are automatically added to an enriched address book, sparing your team from unnecessary data entry. All that's left is to sort and segment your contacts.

Track requests

Unlimited tickets.
Update and resolve your contacts' live and delayed messages by marking them as resolved or to be resolved (aka ticket system).

Conversational bot

Unlimited bot messages.
Xeno comes with a 24/7 Smart Assistant Bot that you can use with your contacts to help automate Marketing, Sales, and Support tasks, saving you time and money.

Knowledge base

Unlimited posts.
Create and edit an unlimited number of posts for your knowledge base (accessible to your Team, Bot, and your dedicated https self-service front-end).


Unlimited IDs.
Xeno identifies your contacts by their first names, last names, or any other details you'd like. You can also choose to have your contacts' IDs automatically inserted into live chats.

Live & Delayed modes

Unlimited modes.
Xeno automatically adapts to your team's availability. You can also manually switch between Live (synchronous) and Delayed mode (asynchronous chats) at any time.

Predefined responses

Unlimited predefined responses.
Any of your knowledge base posts can be used as pre-defined responses in any live convo.

Routing rules

Unlimited topics.
Create Topics to shorten the connection time between your contacts and your team members.


Unlimited meetings.
Our Meetings feature helps you schedule meetings without all the annoying back-and-forths. Tell Meetings your availability preferences and it will do the rest.

News feed

Unlimited news.
Maintaining a public chronological record of all notable changes made to your product or service is a great way to keep your contacts informed about what your organization is up to at any [...]

Pre-chat questions

Unlimited pre-chat questions.
Throw some questions at your contacts before the start of the chat session to gather information on them (not always recommended as it can be a source of friction).


Unlimited interrogations.
Ask your contact to provide a specific data point about themselves, such as their name, email, or phone number. Their response will automatically populate your address book.


Unlimited surveys.
Following a live chat session, propose a survey to your contacts to find out what they really think about your organization.

Instantaneous translation

Unlimited translations.
Auto-translate any text message instantly from one language to another: a must-have if you operate in multiple markets or look to conquer new markets abroad.


Unlimited analytics.
Bright business decisions are driven by brilliant data. Our reporting feature lets you know how your team and bot are performing.


Unlimited screenshots.
During live convos, you can take screenshots of a contact's screen in order to fully understand their issue and better serve them.


Unlimited screensharing.
During live convos, why not suggest a screensharing session with your contact so that you can get on the same page...literally!

Video chat

Unlimited videos.
During live convos, offer a video chat session to your contact to make the exchange that bit friendlier.

Manual messages

Unlimited manual messages.
These are real-time, one-off messages that can be manually sent to any one of your contacts. Sometimes you just gotta strike up a convo the old-fashioned way.

Auto messages

Unlimited auto messages.
Configure pre-written auto-messages to reach online visitors according to defined triggers. Pre-write and automate chats, topbars, tooltips, pop-ups and emails.

Internal conversations

Unlimited internal convos.
By leveraging internal conversations and notes between team members, you can easily collaborate behind the scenes to serve your contacts quickly.


Unlimited languages.
Give your contacts the comfort of their native language. As soon as the web browser language is detected, the chat box will show off its fluency in English, or Spanish, or Hindi, or...

File sharing

Unlimited files.
Your team and your contacts can instantly share any file type (audio, compressed, data, image, presentation, spreadsheet, video, and text). This feature is bi-directional.

Emojis & GIFs

Unlimited emojis & GIFs.
Use emojis and animated GIFs to turn simple messages into mighty emotional conversations with your contacts.

Chat transcript

Unlimited transcripts.
If needed, in one click, send a full email transcript of a live conversation to your contact so they can look back on it anytime in the future.

Right to error

Unlimited edits.
Make a typo? Edit any text, anytime, that has already been sent to your contact through your chatbox.

Third-Party apps

Unlimited apps.
The Xeno Marketplace is adding 30+ third-party apps to support the tools and services you use every day. Nifty, huh?
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