June 20th, 2019

Reduce Repetition: Making Life Easy for Your Customers

Reduce Repetition: Making Life Easy for Your Customers

Reducing effort for your customers can increase customer satisfaction and stop them from straying to competitors. One way to make things super easy for them is by keeping the times they have to repeat themselves to a minimum when they come to you with a problem. With an ever-increasing array of communication channels available, it may seem impossible to keep track of customer complaints. But the right technology and software can help to make this easier.

Let’s take a look at how live support software can reduce repetition when you include it in your customer retention strategy:


Omnichannel Support

As more and more platforms of communication have become available, a lot of businesses have developed multi-channel support strategies. But now, with the choice a customer has, there has been a shift towards omnichannel support to give them the best possible experience. In short, omnichannel means “providing a consistent communications journey for your customers”. The bad news is that customers are beginning to expect their favorite brands to be responsive on every platform. So if you don’t have it, then you are already one step behind some of your competitors.

A lot of customers change backwards and forwards between channels when talking to your company. In fact, a survey by Smooch found that 60% of them do. To make the journey as seamless as possible, you don’t want to keep asking them to repeat their story. Quality live support software can help to make the integration seamless. How? By keeping all communication organized in one place so your customers don’t have to repeat themselves, even if another agent takes on the query.

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As well as consolidating all communication into one place, Xeno currently has integrations with Facebook, Messenger Twitter, Email and SMS, helping you to keep your customers happy. Its unlimited history will help you keep track of the progress of the conversation



Pre-Chat Surveys

Customers might have to repeat themselves because they get put through to an agent in the wrong department or with the wrong skillset for their issue. They have to be transferred and then explain all over again. Pre-chat surveys can reduce the risk of this by finding out specific details about a customer’s problem, before they are connected to an agent. This allows you to locate someone that can help in the first instance. A form could be used to capture the details, or you could use an interactive chat-bot to do it for you.

Pre-Chat Information

Some live support softwares display information about visitors before you connect with them in a chat, such as their name and the company they work for, which you can also use to help get them to the right person.


I Will Only Say This Once

A quality live support software helps to ensure smooth, flowing communication across all messaging channels, reducing or removing completely the need for customers to repeat themselves. It is important to create a seamless experience that leads to happy customers but it’s also important for things to be straightforward for your staff. Helping them to work efficiently and avoid frustration. Xeno consolidates all correspondence into one place to make life easy for your staff as well as your customers. And it also provides a host of analytics and metrics to help measure the efficiency of your customer retention strategy overall.

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