July 27th, 2020

3 Benefits of Offering Omnichannel Service



Omnichannel – I bet you’ve heard it a lot recently. Are you even sure what it means? Just so we all start off on the same foot: providing an omnichannel approach means offering your service across more than one platform, but it is so more than just that, an effective omnichannel strategy keeps your customer service consistent across all of your existing channels. 


There are many benefits to using an omnichannel strategy, including providing a consistent customer journey, reducing repetition and increasing the reach of your marketing efforts. More and more platforms for communication are being created and shifting in popularity all of the time, so it’s important to stay on top of it, and ahead of the game if possible. 


Xeno provides you with the best platform to manage customer communication across a myriad of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS; you can also pair messages with marketing strategies, set up auto-messages and much more all from one tool. 


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits. An omnichannel strategy can: 

  1. Reduce Effort

    A study by the Customer Contact Council found that one of the biggest factors for reducing churn was reducing effort for customers. Customers may have a preferred app that they use all the time or they may want to communicate with your brand over more than one platform. Providing an omnichannel service increases the chances that you will cover their favorites, making life easy for them as they don’t even have to leave their preferred app to talk to you.

  2. Reduce Repetition

    If customers have to repeat themselves when dealing with your business this can lead to frustration. When using Xeno live support software, all correspondence from one customer can be seen in a single place. This means that they aren’t continually asked to repeat their issues if they contact you from different mediums or get passed from one staff member to another. This can also help to offer a responsive customer service as things can be done quicker, without having to consult other team members etc.

  3. Increase Marketing Reach

    The benefits of omnichannel aren’t all about customer service. Marketing across more than one channel can increase brand visibility and connect you with different demographics of people. It can be important not to spread your marketing efforts too thin, but taking a combined approach across a number of choice channels could provide you with great results.

Smart Tip: Xeno offers lead and customer communication through apps such as Facebook Messenger. Combining instant messages from Xeno with marketing campaigns on social media platforms can be an effective way to generate and nurture warm leads.


Making Omnichannel Easy 

Providing a service through more than one channel can help to delight your customers and keep up with your competition as the way we communicate continues to shift. A quality live support software can help to make this process simple and optimize it for maximum efficiency. 

Xeno app has features such as: 1) post-chat surveys so that you can find out directly from customers what they think about your service, 2) lead and customer communication through Messenger, and 3) a customer-orientated ticketing feature to help you offer responsive customer service. Get started with Xeno today. 

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