March 11th, 2019

The Customer Experience: Looking at The Big Picture

The Customer Experience: Looking at The Big Picture

There appears to be growing trend of businesses competing with each other over customer experience.

Your customer experience is everything that customers encounter with your business, from your products, the level of service you provide, right down to your email signature.

Customer service is a large part of it. Today, customers want to be able to contact you on a multitude of platforms and they expect help with their queries pretty sharpish. If you don’t give it to them, they may go to your competitors instead. Offering seamless communication across channels could help make the experience exceptional and raise consumer satisfaction.  And it could help you to stay ahead of the pack and reduce your churn rate.

Live support can help to strengthen your customer experience and draw everything together:


Consolidation Helps with Perspiration

A good quality live support software will consolidate and organize all of your messages into one place, no matter which platform they came from. This allows you to quickly resolve customer queries, even if the issue requires you to switch between representatives or a customer uses different methods of communication for the same issue, keeping your experience consistent across platforms.


Chat History

In order to offer a seamless experience, you don’t want customers to have to repeat their issues to different operators. With live support you can quickly glance over previous chat history to see what the customers issues are and what has been done for them already.



In order to unify your experience, you want to have branding consistent across all channels. Some live support software will let you design your chatbox to match your company branding.

Smart Tip:
With Xeno, you can customize the color of your chatbox, texts, images, backgrounds, and much more in a perfectly intuitive way.



Part of your customer experience is how you interact on a one-to-one level. Live chat offers a personal service in real time that can help to make your customers feel special. What’s more is that with the multitude of platforms that now have instant messaging you can keep this level of service consistent across all of them.


Make Use of Your Metrics

Use the metrics and KPI’s your software provides to see what is already working for you and how you can make your customer experience better. Use consumer satisfaction surveys to find out directly what customers think.


How Strong is Your Software?

Live support could be a great addition to your customer experience, making customers happy and helping to strengthen your position in the market. But you are limited by the features your software has. Xeno consolidates and organizes all correspondence into one place, has a selection of platform integrations and provides also a range of metrics and KPI’s so you can monitor how well you are doing and build for the future.

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