May 27th, 2019

How Can You Get a Missandei of Naath For Your Business?

How Can You Get a Missandei of Naath For Your Business?

Dear reader. If by any chance you managed to survive to this day without the Internet spoiling the last season of Game of Thrones… You stepped into the wrong place. Let me redirect your curious eyes to a safe space on our blog.

Ok, so let’s do this.


No, she is not dead! She lives within us who still remember the noble and loyal spirit of the Dragon Queens BFF and translator, Missandei of Naath. But did you know? She lives within the coolest feature for an online toolbox I’ve ever seen—and actually the only one of its kind—Xenos instantaneous translator!


RIP the best translator that ever lived

Missandei could speak nineteen languages and she was pure magic. Using multiple languages breaks the barrier small and medium sized businesses have when they try to break through on global markets. You might have an awesome product and a great marketing strategy, but it doesn’t mean much if your potential customers can’t communicate with you.

So many leads would turn into customers if they could only ask a couple of questions. If they knew that your support team will be available for them to contact through some instant customer communication tool even though they don’t speak English. Besides, your existing customers would definitely feel more special, close to your business and honestly more comfortable if they had the option of using their native languages while explaining their issues.


Missandei worked for free but you might not be that lucky

To communicate with people in different languages you would need, well, translators. I will proceed to presume here that you don’t own slaves, so your translators will cost you money. Or maybe you could use parts of your team that already know a second or a third language. But one person can’t know nineteen, because that person got her head chopped off by Cersei’s orders. Oh right, spoiler alert. Also, people that do know the language your customer or lead is using might not be the part of the team needed to solve the issue they have. Then you enter the zone of confusion and back and forth within your team, customers and leads.

Language barriers can be really frustrating and slow your team’s productivity. That will also cost you money. Plus nerves. Fun times.


But fear not, Xeno’s instantaneous translator is up for the challenge!

It’s just as magical as Missandei. You might not even notice she is gone. I can be because you will be preoccupied with the war between two Mad Queens, but Xeno’s instant translator will be there to help. Again, spoiler alert. Imagine your customer or lead sends you an instant message in his chatbox completely in…let’s say Russian. And your customer service members toolbox is completely set in French. Do you know what will happen? In any other case and with any other service, your customer service employee would spend his time deciphering Russian and Google translating the answer while praying that the contact understands him.

However, with Xeno’s feature… The message sent in Russian will automatically appear in French, and the response typed in French will automatically appear in Russian. No mimes needed for the communication. For free. Did I mention it’s free? It’s free. The coolest and one of the most helpful tools you could possibly set up for your business is free.

The feature of instantaneous translation of messages is a must-have if you operate in multiple markets or look to conquer new markets abroad. It will make your customers feel at ease and well understood if your communication does not depend on their knowledge of the English—or any other—language. It’s one of the most useful and convenient features you could offer for your team to use. It won’t cost you a thing to try. Literally, zero expenses!

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