April 11th, 2019

Hit Them with the Old One: Combining Re-engagement Emails with Live Chat

Combining Re-engagement Emails with Live Chat

Re-engagement emails; a last-ditch attempt to get customers to come back to you? Or a legitimate part of your customer retention strategy?

Re-engagement emails can be used to try and re-engage (funny that?) inactive subscribers in your email list, and also to tempt back users that have not used your product for a while.

You can attempt to supercharge your emails by using them in conjunction with live support.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for constructing an effective re-engagement email:


Offering a Discount

It can be good to offer an incentive for customers to come back to you. This doesn’t have to be a permanent discount, but something to sweeten the deal.


Make it Personal

A generic, spammy email is likely to be ignored or not open at all. Personalize the message with the recipient’s name and something relevant to them as a customer and more.

Note: In recent years, generic short links have also become associated with malicious content and spam, which is why when including links in your emails, it’s important to pay attention to the type of link you’re using. A branded link shortener can help you be sure you’re landing in people’s inboxes every time you send them an email.


Mention New Features

There could be lots of reasons a user starts to disengage with your product, but it may be that your product isn’t such a good fit for them. Tell them about the features or products that may be relevant to them or have been released since they’ve been away.


Live Support

Where does live support fit in with this? Adding a chatbox link in your emails could have its benefits:


Personal Service Straight Away

The personal aspect is key again here, with a link to a chatbox in your email, customers can speak to a live agent within minutes. They may be inactive as they couldn’t work out how to use a certain feature or something wasn’t working properly. The thought of picking up the phone or going through a series of emails to get the problem solved may be off-putting. Speaking to a real-life person in just one click may be much more appealing.


Feedback Might Be Easier to Find

Listening to customer feedback can be a great help in understanding why people aren’t engaging. And it can be easier to collect this in a live support conversation, as opposed to asking them to reply to an email or fill out a contact form. You could also include questions in your post-chat surveys about their satisfaction with your business as a whole.


Get Some Knockout Software

Re-engagement emails can be a cold compress to the head when it comes to bringing customers back to you. And there is potential for some awesome tag team action with live support. Having the right software can help to make things easier. A quality live support software such as Xeno integrates and organizes all communication into one place so that agents can reply quickly and efficiently. You can easily create post chat surveys to listen to customer feedback and look at where you are going right and wrong, integrating easily into your customer retention strategy, for free.


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