September 2nd, 2020

Level Up Your Social Media Sharing with Xeno


Social Media Marketing can be a great way to spread awareness of your business and attract leads online. It seems like everyone you know is on Facebook, whilst other platforms such as Instagram continue to grow, and there are new platforms popping up all of the time. It is a channel you can add to your marketing strategy that puts your business in front of people 24 hours a day. You have to be careful how you use it though as it can be easy to come across as spammy and in your face.

Here are some tips: 

Be Sociable 

When using Social Media to promote your business, it’s important to remember that it is a social channel. It is increasingly used for business now, but people generally browse it in their downtime, so make sure you remember this when posting and replying to comments. Don’t try and sell straight away, be friendly and approachable as much as possible.

Mix Up Your Content 

Using a variety of different content types could help you to attract more leads online. You will need to experiment to find what works for your business personally. What works for others in your industry may not for you. It’s important to keep experimenting too, as what is effective at the moment or for certain campaigns or offers may not be next week. You need to be flexible to stay ahead.

Some different types to get you started: 

  • Video is still a very popular medium, specifically Facebook Lives can be a great way to give customers an insight into your business and increase awareness. 
  • Sharing blog posts from your website can be effective for adding value and to get customers to visit your website. 
  • Polls can be a clever way to do market research whilst generating engagement on your page. 


Do Your Research 

It’s important to do solid research on your target audience to give you the best chance to get good results with your social media strategy. Researching your ideal customer and creating buyer personas can really help to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and visualize what they need, helping you to put posts out there that they actually care about and will engage with. 

Make It Shareable 

Is your content shareable? Creating content that readers are likely to share is almost free advertising, it gets them to do the work for you, exposing your content to a whole new group of people. Keep this in mind when creating your strategy. 


Social Media Marketing and Live Support Software

Using Xeno live support software in combination with Social Media Marketing can be a smart move. Here are a few ways you can use the two in combination:


  • Build brand awareness and nurturing with social media campaigns and pair this with instant messages sent straight from the Xeno app. 
  • Drive visitors to your website with blogs etc. and then engage them in conversations via chatboxes on your website, here you can collect lead information, build trust in your product and more.


Combine Social and Live Support Simply 

Xeno live support software has many features that make it simple to use it to support your social media strategy. These include unlimited communication channels, a professional finish chatbox and a range of analytics to optimize your process, helping you to get more lead information, build trust in your business and more. Get started with Xeno today. 


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