September 14th, 2020

Have You Heard About Product Hunt?

Do you wonder how people always find out about awesome new apps and tech before you do? Have you heard of Product Hunt? As a consumer, it’s an easy way to discover cool, innovative and brand-new tech that could help you in your personal and business life. And for businesses, it can be a great way to generate awareness and find new customers. 


Product Hunt works in a similar way to Reddit or social media platforms. Users can review, comment and upvote on products to give them more visibility. They can start discussions and even find jobs on the site. 


By the way, Xeno will be on Product Hunt soon. To get real-time Xeno Product hunt updates, you can sign-up here:


For the meantime, while waiting for this amazing event, here are some details you can learn about the platform:

Planning A Successful Product Hunt Launch

As a business, running a successful launch on Product Hunt can be pivotal to your success on the platform. If you do it right you can receive lots of upvotes, comments and oodles of visibility on the platform. There is even a daily email sent out to members of the top 5 products. But if you get it wrong then you may waste time and money as your product gets buried at the bottom of the pile.


Here are some tips for making the most of the launch day: 

  1. Familiarise yourself with the platform.
    • Get used to the platform and how it works, take note of what is getting good reactions and what isn’t, who posts what etc.
  2. Plan in advance
    • Plan your launch in good time, start to build hype across your digital marketing channels and get all the materials ready for the big day so everything runs smoothly. Grow your email lists and social channels and let them know what is coming up, create landing pages etc. in preparation. Foundr recommends building a community at least 3 months before launch if you don’t already have a large online network.
  3. Set your product up on the platform correctly.
    • Product Hunt has a great article on how to launch here. Amongst other things they offer advice on how to optimize your product on the platform, including:
      • Adding links to your website, places where customers can download your product etc.
      • An effective tagline.
      • An on-point description.

How Can You Help?

Success on Product Hunt relies on users recommending, upvoting and commenting on products. If you believe in Xeno and the work that we do, we would like you to support us by:

  • Giving Xeno a free trial
  • Leaving a product review (any feedback will help so we can continue in improving our product!)
  • Upvoting Xeno (if you deem it worthy)
  • Sharing our Product Hunt link on your digital marketing channels. 

“But I’m Not Even Sure What Xeno Is?”

How rude of us, if this is your first time hearing about us, Xeno is a live support software that allows you to quickly resolve customer problems. It can help to delight current customers and attract new ones. Take a look at the numerous features we offer here. 

See for Yourself 

If you love tech, or are a business always on the hunt for new productivity tools, take a look at Product Hunt. And don’t forget to show us some love if you like what we do when we launch!


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