July 31st, 2020

How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint Through Remote Communication


Here at Xeno, we are all about being eco-friendly and are conscious of the way our business impacts the environment. One of our greatest achievements is the fact that we have greatly minimized our carbon footprint and help our clients achieve the same thing every day!


Keep reading if you are interested in how we help our clients reduce their carbon footprint through remote customer communication here at Xeno.


What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the impact a person or business has on the environment around them through greenhouse gas emissions. Activities that create greenhouse gas emissions could be commuting to work, shipping products, traveling to provide services, and so much more.

What is Remote Communication?

One of the best ways for a business to begin reducing their carbon footprint is through remote communication for customers, as well as their team. Remote communication happens when two people are communicating from two different locations.


Remote communication occurs through phone calls, video calls, emails, text messaging, and much more. In today’s world where the coronavirus pandemic is still having an impact on businesses, remote communication has become much more common and extremely useful in helping businesses operate as normal as possible.

How to Implement Remote Communication

The best way to implement remote communication is through a software that lets you manage it all in one place.


With Xeno, you can offer multiple ways for your customers to get into contact with you and get their questions answered. First, you can implement a live chat customer service feature


And when a customer comes to you with a problem, you can create a ticket that your whole team can see and monitor. Your tickets, contact, and team members can all be found in one centralized inbox through Xeno, too.


If you are not available when a customer pops in to the live chat, then let the Xeno bot feature take over. Otherwise, have the bot direct them to your knowledge base so they can find the answer to any and all questions they may have.


Some other remote communication capabilities that Xeno provides are screen-sharing, 1:1 video calls, file sharing, and of course, internal messaging capabilities.


With everything Xeno has to offer, you can set up remote communication in your business within hours!

How Does This Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Once you have remote communication set up, you will begin to reduce your carbon footprint in various ways.

Most importantly, remote communication reduces the need for face-to-face communication which often involves some form of transportation. And as we all know, various forms of traveling, such as driving and using public transportation, creates greenhouse gas emissions.


When your products or services require less transportation, that means you are reducing your own carbon footprint!


There are various other ways to reduce your business’ carbon footprint, but remote communication is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can do so.


Ready to start doing your part to save the environment? Contact Xeno today!



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