May 14th, 2019

Reducing Effort, the Antidote to Churn?

Reducing Effort, the Antidote to Churn?

Customers want an easy life. They want to be able to order Dominoes, lying in bed, using their face as ID to unlock their phone. As business owners, this may be inconvenient but knowing this gives you power. In fact, a study by the Customer Contact Council found that one of the biggest factors for increasing customer loyalty was “reducing effort”. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways live support software can help to do this:



Today, there are so many channels for customers to choose from when it comes to support. From Facebook Messenger, Twitter, to email and live support boxes. You can reduce effort for them by offering support over a wide range of these channels, increasing the chances that they can use their favorite or switch between them as they please.

Smart Tip:
Xeno consolidates all customer correspondence into one place. This means that they can switch between channels to communicate with your company and not have to repeat themselves, as their chat history is compiled in the Xeno interface. This feature is helping to make life easier for them and leave you with happy customers.


Round the Clock Support

Live support can be offered 24/7 if you have the budget. If your in-house team can’t cover it there are a multitude of freelancers out there that you could use. This reduces effort for customers as it gives them the opportunity to solve their problems immediately and has the added bonus of showing them that you care.


First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution rate or FCR shows how often you deal with customers issues the first time you speak to them. Keeping this high could go a long way to reducing effort for your customers. This is because it means they get their problems sorted in one swift, pain-free (hopefully) motion. They don’t have to wait for a follow up email or come back another day. There are a number of things that could help to keep your FCR rate high, such as pre-chat screening with bots so that customers speak to the right people in the first instance.


A Personal Assistant

With live support customers get a personal assistant that can take the problem out of their hands and sort it for them. Instead of having to fill out contact forms, or search through FAQs for answers. Allowing you to reduce effort and show customers that you care.


Less Effort, More Results

Live support can go a long way to making things easy for your customers. It can reduce churn and lead to more long-term and happy customers. Choosing a great live support software can make this process more efficient, and Xeno has a host of features that do just that. Pre-chat screening is simple to set up, whilst consolidated communication helps to keep omnichannel management stress free.

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