June 23rd, 2019

Back to the Old School: Traditional Values, Modern Twist

 Back to the Old School: Traditional Values, Modern Twist

Buying online is simple. 3 clicks and you can be done. There is no need to even speak to a human. This can be great for you and your customers, but automating all of your processes and neglecting the human element could lead to a hole in your customer service strategy. Using some of the more traditional methods that originated in brick and mortar retail shops could provide a number of benefits. Live support can be a great vehicle to provide this.

Let’s take a look at how live support can help with this:


Personal Service

In-store assistants can help customers out individually, giving them their undivided attention. With online stores, this personal touch can be lost. Live support gives you the opportunity to offer this level of service, combined with the accessibility of shopping online. An agent can help potential customers in real-time, catering to their every desire and quickly solving any problems they may have.


Up Selling

Getting to know customers personally has many advantages. One of these is that, when you know more about them, you can upsell more efficiently, offering them solutions that are relevant to them. Think of the customer that goes into a shop for some shoes but comes out with armfuls of stuff. You can make this happen with live support too!

Being Part of the Research Process

Before the internet, one of the main ways of finding out about a product would be to speak to in-store assistants. It can be hard to contact online businesses, some opting out of even including a phone number on their site. Besides, a lot of the communication options available can have a slow response time. Live support software makes contact accessible immediately, allowing agents to help educate leads.


The Extra Mile

In-store assistants can make customers feel special by going out of their way to help. You can do this with live support too. Asking questions like “Is there anything else I can do to help you today?” can help, as well as generally doing more than they would expect, overdelivering with heaps of value.


Being Proactive

Much in the same way as a shop assistant sees a new customer entering the store and asks if they need any help, you can take a proactive approach and speak to customers that are new to your site. Finding out if they have any questions or need some particular advice.

Smart Tip:
Smart Tip: With Xeno you can create auto-messages, pre-written messages that are sent to visitors when they fulfill a certain trigger.


Old Meets New

Traditional customer service methods are still relevant in the modern, online world, and live support can help to bridge the gap between the old and new. It helps you to provide personal service, with the convenience of buying online. Xeno live support software makes it super easy to talk with leads and customers, helping to move them along the funnel or quickly resolving any problems they may have.  Its organized interface keeps all your messages consolidated in one place, so you can keep a swift response time. Besides, it tells you when visitors are viewing your site, so you can be proactive if you wish. Moreover, with its Auto-ID feature, you can address return visitors by their first names without even having to ask. There is even a free for life plan!

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