July 10th, 2018

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Special

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Currently, there are 7.6 billion people on earth, and everyone is unique—or at least that’s what we would like to believe. To feel valued and important in this seemingly endless ocean of people is a basic human need.

But, businesses often tend to forget that this holds true even for the way in which we want to be perceived and treated as customers.

This article will suggest five best practices, which will help you make your customers feel special, and thereby open the door to long-lasting and fulfilling customer relationships.


Be Available

I will be there for you—always.

Doesn’t it make you feel special? I bet it does.

In fact, this is something Xeno is deeply committed to, by providing 24/7 live customer support to anyone via our website and social media pages.

Customer service tools like Xeno are extremely convenient to chat with your customers, whenever and wherever you are. You can use them from your web or mobile app when you are on the move, or even during your morning run—you will never feel this closer to your clients!


Be Responsive

If a friend sends you a text begging for help, how long would you wait before coming to their rescue?

What do you think would be the effect if you respond one, five, or perhaps twenty days later? Catastrophic, right?

Even though you might need some time to ascertain the appropriate answer to a customer’s question, it is essential to let them know that you have taken their request into account and that your team is doing its best to come up with an immediate solution to their problem.

Smart Tip:
If you want to achieve those perfect availability and reactivity levels, a bot can be your best ally. Indeed, every time you are away from the keyboard, this Smart Sales Assistant will automatically fill in for you and take care of your customers until you are back!


Get Personal

One of the best way to show that you care for your customers is adding a personal touch to your service.

How? It’s as simple as calling your customers by their names or remembering their birthdays.

Xeno allows you to keep a track of your customers’ most important data, making it is easier for you to address their needs and make them feel acknowledged and understood.

Besides, having a record of your conversations with them can help you initiate another one as though you were checking on an old friend.



Let me introduce you to our imaginary friend Anna.

Anna is currently at the market buying fruits.

As John, the fruit seller, is taking her order, she tells him about her plans to make a fruit salad, since she’s going to have lunch with her friends.

After giving her a few tips on how to make a scrumptious fruit salad, John hands her some sprigs of mint.

“It’s on me,” he says. “It’s my small contribution to your fruit salad, which I’m sure will be amazing. Add a few leaves, and it’ll magically enhance the taste.”

Even though this small act of kindness could seem meaningless, it’s very likely that Anna will come back to John the next time she needs fruits. But before that, she might recount her experience with John to her friends or even post something about it on her social media account!

Therefore, by overdelivering—providing your clients a little more than they ask for—you will create many out-of-the-ordinary stories that people will not forget and will keep talking about.


Keep Your Feedback Loop Tight

An easy way to collect feedback at the end of a conversation is asking your customers to fill in a survey.

Whether it’s by giving a rating out of 5 stars for your customer service or by replying to your quick open-ended questions, you would be surprised by your customers’ willingness to help you move forward.

After drawing an action plan from such feedback, it’s crucial to let your customers know that you have taken their valued advice into account and are currently working on building a better product for them.

Showing customers that you care about their feedback and take the necessary action will make them feel really special. By keeping your feedback loop tight, you’ll turn your business into a smart company.


Keep in mind that everyone is unique!

In conclusion, working in the customer service sector makes one realize a wonderful fact—you wake up each morning knowing that today will be different from yesterday and that tomorrow won’t be the same either.

Why does one feel this way? It’s because every customer is truly unique!

Each new client is a new story—a new adventure, and it is our responsibility to let them know how important they are to us.

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