May 22nd, 2019

More Issues Than Vogue: Helping Customers Resolve Them

More Issues Than Vogue: Helping Customers Resolve Them

So we’ve got issues. And it’s not the kind of issues Queen Nicki is having, W, Vogue, Cosmo icon cover issues. Oh no, what we have on our delicate hands are the  many many issues of your customers. What are these issues about? It’s about you, your product, the weather, their dog got a bone stuck in between the teeth, kid got a bad grade, but mostly you, you are the issue. But God why? Simply, because….

You can make a great product, tweak and customize it as much as possible, yet you will still get some complaints and questions. Some people won’t really understand what it is you are offering, others will need help using your product and then there are those who just have an issue for every solution you could possibly offer. A good customer experience means you are able to respond to all of those issues in time and by order. Not losing your mind in the process if possible. And it is possible! This is where SaaS ticketing systems come into play.


The Disorder

It goes something like this. Unsuspectingly you open your eyes, just like every other morning and get your phone to hit the snooze button for an extra 5 minutes of napping. That one move is enough to make you notice your work email and Slack channel notifications burning up. The adrenaline hits, your mind starts racing and the day starts with stress and mild panic. You spend the rest of the day trying not to cry while racing to get to as much customer messages as possible. Those are the beauties of the constant struggle of juggling issues and customer happiness.

What’s more, the issues range from something in your corner to the design team or the developers. The hardest is sometimes the grumpiness of the customer. Your support team should be trained to handle the mood swings with grace as well. No yelling guys.


The Therapy

You should definitely invest in a great team. You should also invest in training your team to deal with customer problems. It’s all a part of building a successful business, focused on customer experience. The one thing you don’t have to invest in but can  make your life easier and your employees more productive is to make use of Xeno’s online feature of tracking requests aka tickets. When the customer detects the problem and messages your support system, you can have them fill out a form so you could determine the team member needed to solve the issue. The progress of your customers live and delayed message requests can be tracked by marking them as resolved or to be resolved. That way you will always know who is responsible to solve the reported issue, and the progress of that team member in resolving reports. All that for free and just a few clicks away. It won’t resolve all your issues, but will certainly help you organize them by category.

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